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Song is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She works in an Earth Kingdom hospital along with her mother.


Het Ships

  • Soko - Song and Zuko

Canon Relationships

Song did not have any known relationships during the series. However, it seems that she may have had a crush on Zuko. Despite his cold attitude, Song kept talking to him and tried to get him to warm up. She sympathized with Zuko over being hurt by the Fire Nation and showed him her scar on her leg. Song attempted to touch his scar but he stopped her. She assured him that the war would end since the Avatar returned. Zuko later stole her Ostrich Horse. Song saw this but simply pouted and let him leave.


Song has a small amount of popularity in the Avatar fandom. She only appeared in one episode and is not remembered as well as other one-off characters. Some fans do ship her Zuko because they feel that she would be a good match for him and neither Mai nor Jin had been introduced yet so Katara was the popular female who was shipped with Zuko at that point. However, after Zuko stole Song's Ostrich Horse, a lot fans felt that their ship would not work and instead felt bad for Song. She tends to be forgotten by the fans.


  • Song shares her name with a male metalbending officer in the Legend of Korra.

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