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Sokkla is the het ship between Sokka and Azula in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Sokka and Azula were mainly enemies for the duration of the series. Sokka was a Water Tribe warrior who was helping Aang win the war while Azula was the crowned princess of the Fire Nation. They first met during a large stand-off in Tu Zin. However, they first really interacted during the invasion of the Fire Nation. Sokka tried to get the group away from Azula because she was just stalling them until she revealed that she knew Sokka's name. Azula said that her "favorite prisoner" Suki always mentioned his name and taunted him for not saving her. Sokka was enraged and attacked Azula after this.

Sokka and Azula would meet a few more times while Sokka was helping his father and Suki escape from the Boiling Rock and again while she was attacking the Western Air Temple. After this, they would not see each other again for a year or two until Sokka joined Zuko to help him find his mother. Most of the group was afraid when they saw Azula completely free and Sokka volunteered to keep watch over her. However, he approached her with his boomerang and she casually zapped him.


Sokkla is a fairly popular Avatar ship despite the fact that it is considered to be a crack or enemy ship. Many fans ship them together because of the "opposites attract" belief or because they are from the nations representing water and fire respectively. A lot fans see Sokkla as an alternative or parallel to Zutara because they are the siblings of Katara and Zuko and also opposite elements, although Sokka is not a waterbender. Sokkla is commonly shipped with Zutara and tends to rival the Sukka, Chanzula and Tyzula pairings.



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