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Sokka is a character from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.



Maikka - the ship between Sokka and Mai
Sokkla - the ship between Sokka and Azula
Sukka - the ship between Sokka and Suki
Tokka - the ship between Sokka and Toph Beifong
Ty Lokka - the ship between Sokka and Ty Lee
Yukka - the ship between Sokka and Yue


Sokkaang - the ship between Sokka and Aang
Zukka - the ship between Sokka and Zuko


Boomerokka - the ship between Sokka and his boomerang
Swordka - the ship between Sokka and his sword

Canon Relationships


Main article: Sukka

Sokka and Suki had a rough start. The Kyoshi Warriors ambushed Team Avatar and Sokka was upset that he lost to a girl. He tried to fight Suki but was defeated again. She later trained Sokka for a while until he had to leave. Sokka apologized to Suki before leaving and she kissed him. The two were later reunited at Full Moon Bay and both helped a family cross the Serpent's Pass. Sokka was initially protective of Suki yet could not bring himself to kiss her because of his past with Yue. However, they later kissed and became a couple.


Main article: Yukka

Sokka was smitten by Yue as soon as he met her. He flirted with her and the two decided to hang out. Yue kissed Sokka but then revealed that she was engaged to a man named Hahn. The two decided to still hang out as friends but Yue eventually admitted that she could not just like Sokka as a friend. Later, Chief Arnook appointed Sokka to be Yue's bodyguard. He was very dutiful when it came to protecting her and tried to stop her from sacrificing her life as a mortal in order to replace the dead moon spirit.


Sokka is one of the most popular avatar characters. He is considered to be a comic-relief character and all fans like to make him the butt of their jokes. However, he is still greatly respected, especially after he started using a sword. Sokka is also known for being a lady's man since four different girls from three different nations had a crush on him. A lot fans also joked about the fact that Sokka was posing for Suki with a rose inside of his tent and many call him a pimp. Some ship him with multiple characters and call him a playboy.


  • Sokka's name means "loverboy" in Zulu.
  • Sokka had the most kisses in the series.