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Snori is the het ship between Sneers and Kori Morishita from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Sneers and Kori met somewhere around Yu Dao. Kori lived in Yu Dao while Sneers was participating in a protest outside in order to get the Fire Nation to leave Earth Kingdom lands. Despite the fact that they were on opposite sides of the conflict, Sneers and Kori still fell for each other and they began a romantic relationship. However, the conflict did eventually put a strain on their relationship and they eventually broke up after arguing about the situation. A battle between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation eventually began and Sneers finally began to understand the situation from Kori's perspective. He asserted that Yu Dao should not be a part of either nation and the two rekindled their romance.


Snori has some popularity in the Avatar fandom. Some found the relationship to be odd and random because the reveal came out of nowhere and the two were just randomly seen together without anything building up to it. However, the pairing quickly grew on many fans as it ended up being an important plot point. Sneers being with Kori is what allowed many characters to see the error in forcing the Fire Nation civilians out of the Earth Kingdom.


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