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Sneers is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a Freedom Fighter who serves as a scout.


  • Snori - Sneers and Kori Morishita

Canon Relationships

Kori Morishita

Sneers met Kori at some point who is the daughter of the mayor of Yu Dao. The two fell in love and started a relationship. However, they were on different sides of a conflict. Kori had a Fire Nation father and Earth Kingdom mother who were going to separated if the Fire Nation was kicked out of the Earth Kingdom colonies so she was against the Harmony Restoration Movement. Sneers, however, was a citizen of the Earth Kingdom and member of the Freedom Fighters who wanted the Fire Nation gone. This led to them temporarily breaking up after an argument. However, they eventually reconciled and Sneers finally convinced others that the situation with Yu Dao was not black and white.


Sneers is the most obscure member of the Freedom Fighters and does not have a large amount of popularity because of it. He is overshadowed by the other Freedom Fighters who actually had lines and larger roles. Many fans wondered what happened to Sneers as was not seen again for the rest of the show while the others were. Sneers was finally seen again in the comics. He was seen to be in a relationship with Kori which many fans found to be random and odd.


  • Sneers was given more development in The Promise trilogy because he did not get any during the actual series.