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Smellershot is the het ship between Longshot and Smellerbee from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Longshot and Smellerbee know each other through being a part of the Freedom Fighters. They were both loyal to their leader Jet and followed him to Ba Sing Se. While on a ferry, Iroh mistook Smellerbee for a boy which upset her. Longshot went to comfort her and she remembered to just be herself. When they arrived in Ba Sing Se, Jet discovered that Zuko was a firebender and tried to get him captured. Longshot and Smellerbee were both very concerned for Jet and they comforted each other. The two were eventually with him in Lake Laogai and witnessed his death together. Over a year later, Smellerbee became the new leader of the Freedom Fighters and they were protesting at Yu Dao together. They fought together in battle.


Smellershot is a very popular Avatar pairing. A lot of fans saw chemistry between the two since they appeared to be very close. This especially became the case when Longshot was seen comforting Smellerbee and she immediately knew what he was thinking even though he did not speak. Many fans also felt that they were so in sync that Smellerbee could understand Longshot even when he did not speak.



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  • Avatar Extras has stated that rumor that the two might be involved romantically.