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Smellerbee is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is a thief from the Freedom Fighters who uses a sword, daggers and knives and became the leader after Jet's death.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships

Smellerbee is not known to have any canon relationships but she might be romantically involved with Longshot. The two have been great friends and Smellerbee has been able to understand Longshot without him speaking. She felt comfort in his arms when Iroh mistook her for a boy and they confided in each other when they were worried about Jet. They watched him die together and fought side by side in the battle for Yu Dao.


Smellerbee has some popularity as a character in the Avatar fandom. Her gender was unknown for a long time until she finally stated it to Iroh. Some fans speculate that might actually be a male to female transgender and that this is why she was so offended when Iroh mistook her for a boy. A lot fans ship her with Longshot and believe that she might be involved with him romantically.


  • Avatar Extras stated that Smellerbee and Longshot might be a couple.
  • Some fans speculate that Smellerbee might actually be a male to female transgender.
  • Smellerbee's gender was unknown until she stated her gender to Iroh.