ShiroShipping is the femslash ship between Hilda and Bianca from the Pokémon fandom.


Hilda and Bianca are childhood friends from Nuvema Town. They receive their first Pokémon together along with Cheren. Bianca will always pick the starter who is weak to Hilda's starter. The two have a friendly battle and eventually leave on a journey to fill out the Pokédex and challenge the Gym Leaders. During the journey, Hilda and Bianca develop a friendly rivalry.

At some point, Team Plasma steals Bianca's Munna from her. Hilda chases them and helps her get her Pokémon back. Later, in Nimbasa City, Hilda witnesses Bianca arguing with her father over making her come home because he does not feel that she can handle the responsibilities of being a Pokémon trainer. They continue to run into each other and battle on multiple occasions. When N's Castle appears, Bianca runs around Unova to gather the Gym Leaders in order to help Hilda against Team Plasma.


ShiroShipping has a decent amount of popularity in the Pokémon fandom. This is due to the fact that Hilda and Bianca are childhood friends who support each other throughout their journeys. Some fans ship it along with KuroShipping because it pairs the four main characters among each other. ShiroShipping commonly rivals RebelShipping and DualRivalShipping, as well as other pairings that involve Hilda such as CheckmateShipping or FerrisWheelShipping.


  • ShiroShipping takes the Japanese word for "white" because both characters have some connection to the color.
  • If Hilbert is chosen as the player character instead of Hilda, then the two will not know each other.