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A userbox is a small coloured box designed to appear on Wikians user pages. This is an example userbox:

Example This is an example userbox.

There are many userboxes here that we offer, here are some userboxes that you may put onto your userpage.

List of Userboxes by Fandom

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Code Result
FitzSimmons - ImageU This user ships FitzSimmons.
Huntingbird - ImageU This user ships Huntingbird.
SkyeWard - Image U This user ships SkyeWard.
{{Userbox/Static Quake}}
Static Quake - ImageU This user ships Static Quake.

Once Upon A Time

Code Result
{{Userbox/Captain Swan}}
Captain Swan - ImageU - 2 This user ships Captain Swan.
{{Userbox/Captain Pan}}
Captain Pan - ImageU This user ships Captain Pan.

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