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Shiro“Keith… you saved me.”
Keith“We saved each other.”
A Little Adventure.

Sheith is the slash ship between Shiro and Keith from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 1

Sheith1 (The Rise of Voltron)

Keith tenderly holding Shiro’s jaw.

In the first episode, “The Rise of Voltron,” Keith is on a mission to save Shiro. After beating militarily personnel, Keith runs to Shiro who's strapped to a table. Keith tilts his face and softly says, “Shiro?” while tenderly holding Shiro’s jaw in his hands, he then cuts the straps. Lance, Hunk and Pidge barge in, upon seeing Shiro already in Keith's arms, Lance helps Keith carry Shiro back to Keith's hoverbike.

Sheith3 (The Rise of Voltron)

Shiro and Keith share their first onscreen private moment together.

The following morning after the rescue, it's made clear that the two have history, the nature of which is left unclear. Shiro gets clothes from Keith's shack. Shiro and Keith share a scene alone together which establishes some of their relationship cues (such as shoulder touches and longing looks); they share their first shoulder touch on the dunes, followed with Keith saying, “It's good to have you back.” Shiro replying, “It's good to be back.” Shiro asks how Keith knew to come save him once he crashed, to which Keith only answers, “You should come see this.” They then head back to Keith's shack where Keith pulls back a sheet covering a board of maps and notes. While there, Keith talks about feeling lost, “…and then [Shiro] showed up.”

SheithS1E1 - Shiro reassures Keith

Shiro reassures Keith.

After finding the Blue Lion, flying to planet Arus, meeting Allura and Coran and learning more about Voltron and it's Lions, Keith, Shiro and Pidge go to retrieve the Red Lion once the Green and Yellow Lions have been found. Aboard the Galra ship, Shiro has a flashback, realizing he's been on that ship before with his former crewmates, Sam and Matt Holt. Upon hearing Shiro make a pained sound, Keith immediately turns his attention back to Shiro, with a look of concern. With Pidge knowing that Shiro was there, she demands that they look for Sam and Matt. When Shiro says they should continue their search for the Red Lion, Pidge snaps and tells him that Commander Holt (Sam) is her father and that Matt is her brother, to which Shiro then agrees that they should look for them. Shiro turns to Keith and tells him to go find the Red Lion. Keith questions this, by commenting, “By myself?” Shiro, fulling believing in Keith, places his hand on Keith’s shoulder and reassures him that he’ll be fine, and says, “Just remember, patience yields focus.” Before he can get anymore words in, Galra came around the corner, forcing them to part ways.

Sheith4 (The Rise of Voltron)

Shiro and Keith exchange soft looks after the first successful mission as Team Voltron.

When Keith has the Red Lion, they and the newly formed team meet back on plant Arus for Shiro to take his position as the Black Paladin. Not long after, they're attacked by Galra and after some difficultly, they mange to form Voltron. Right at the end, Shiro affectionately slaps Keith’s back as they rejoin the group on the ground and the two exchange soft looks.

Sheith6 (Some Assembly Required)

Keith protects Shiro when Shiro has a flashback, asking him if he's okay.

In “Some Assembly Required,” when a training session goes wrong and Shiro has a flashback, Keith launches himself across the room to shield Shiro from the training bot. Keith asks, “Shiro, are you okay?” They’re later seen sitting next to each other on the floor, sipping water. At the end, Keith sneaks off after Shiro when he leaves the common room to head to bed.

In “Fall of the Castle of Lions,” Shiro and Keith are separated for the most part as Keith is locked out of the castle. Once Keith does gain entrance into the castle again, the first thing he sees his Shiro getting knocked down by Sendak, Keith immediately attacks Sendak, landing a powerful kick.

In “Taking Flight,” the team encounters a dense asteroid field, Shiro trusts Keith to navigate it safely and flush out Rolo. This shows how much faith Shiro has in Keith’s abilities.

In “Crystal Venom,” Keith is the first one to realize Shiro’s in trouble, asking the others “Where’s Shiro?”

In “The Black Paladin,” Keith tells the others to go after Allura while he protects Shiro/the Black Lion. Lance asks, “What are you doing?” and mentions how they have to stick together, Keith replies, “Whatever I can.” Soon a battle between Keith and Zarkon ensues, with Keith refusing to abandon the Black Lion. Later, a severely hurt Shiro (while piloting the Black Lion) swoops down and grabs Keith/the Red Lion, saying, “I’ve got you, buddy.”

Season 2

Sheith10 (Across the Universe)

Shiro tries to make Keith feel better by "lightening the mood".

Shiro and Keith's relationship increases in the second season. In “Across the Universe,” the team is separated due to a corrupted wormhole caused by Haggar from the previous episode. Shiro and Keith wind up being stranded on the same planet with their lions disabled. As soon as Keith gets his bearings straight, his immediate next thought is where Shiro is. When Keith hears Shiro's voice, his face softens with relief. In return, as soon as Shiro exits his Lion, his immediate next thought is where Keith is. Keith calls out for Shiro and asks if he’s okay, when Shiro reports he is in danger, Keith immediately rushes to find him, overcoming various obstacles. Keith finally is able to make visual of the Black Lion, once there, he sees Shiro being chased by giant lizard-like creatures. He saves Shiro from the creatures by piloting the Black Lion, which Shiro is awestruck by. They build a fire and rest while waiting for the others to find them. Shiro is still suffering from a wound he sustained in his fight with Haggar, and tells Keith that he wants Keith to lead Voltron if he “doesn't make it out of here.” Keith stubbornly replies for Shiro to “stop talking like that”. When Pidge comes to rescue them, despite a wormhole opening in the sky, Shiro's fond gaze remains firmly fixed on Keith's face.

Sheith14 (The Ark of Taujeer)

Shiro asks if Keith is okay, as he seems anxious.

In “The Ark of Taujeer,” Keith voices his concerns that he thinks Zarkon imprinted on him during their fight from season 1. Shiro tells everyone to get some sleep, as the team heads for their rooms, he notices Keith, lost in thought. Shiro walks up to him, asking if he's okay, as he seems “anxious”. Keith looks at him with a weary expression before saying, “I'm fine. Just tired.” Before Shiro can get a word in, Keith walks off.

Late in the night Keith, along with Allura, take a pod. Once they're contacted, Shiro tells them to come back to the castle immediately. They both refuse as they must know if Zarkon is finding the team through them. Some time later, they're contacted by Coran telling them that Zarkon isn't tracking them, as there's a Galra fleet where the rest of the team is. Keith and Allura begin their journey back, with the Red Lion finding Keith. When Keith and Allura get back to the others, Shiro is visibly happy, saying, “Good to have you back, Keith!” In return, Keith parallels their episode one conversation by saying, “Good to be back.” In this scene, Shiro only welcomes Keith back, not Keith and Allura.

Sheith16 (Space Mall)

Keith asks Shiro if he's found a way to bond with his lion.

In “Space Mall,” from Keith's actions the previous episode, Shiro and team realize Zarkon keeps finding them through the Black Lion. Shiro stays back on the castleship to work on forging a greater bond with the Lion than Zarkon's. Keith and others leave for the mall to retrieve teludav lenses. When Keith and others return, Keith is the only one to ask where Shiro is, when Shiro does make his entrance, Keith is also the only one to ask if Shiro found a way to bond with his Lion. Shiro responses with a yes and that they need to get moving. He tells the team they're heading for the Blade of Marmora's base.

Sheith19 (The Blade of Marmora)

Shiro compliments Keith on his great flying.

“The Blade of Marmora” is generally viewed as one of the episodes that supports the ship the most. The team travel to the Blade of Marmora base, with the coordinates given by Ulaz. After some back and forth, it’s agreed that Shiro and Keith take the Red Lion. The two arrive and are greeted by two Blades. All four descend to where the other Blades are. Once in, Kolivan, the leader, addresses them. One of the other Blades forcibly takes Keith’s knife; Shiro yells his name as Keith is taken down to the ground. Kolivan asks Shiro if he can corroborate Keith's story – if his knife has always been in his possession. Shiro’s unsure. Despite his answer, Shiro does want to protect Keith. Shiro realizes that if the Blades aren’t interested in forming an alliance, then he and Keith should leave. Keith is adamant that he must know how the knife ended up in his possession on Earth. If Keith seeks knowledge, Kolivan tells him he can do the Trials of Marmora, a physical and psychological test that pushes those to their limits. Should he survive, its secrets will be revealed. At hearing “survive,” Shiro turns to Keith telling him “this is crazy.” He tries again to get him and Keith out of there, but Keith won’t budge. Keith is given his knife back and the trial begins soon after. Shiro can do nothing but watch while Keith fights for his life. The more Keith fights, the more Blades he faces. Shiro tells Kolivan how this “is not a fair fight.” Shiro also questions how long the fight goes on. Kolivan tells him “sometimes the greatest challenge is knowing when to stop.” Shiro responses, “He’ll never quit.” Keith comes to the point where he is unable to take the pain any longer, so he escapes through a door hatch in the floor. As Shiro watches, he worriedly says, “Keith.”

After Keith collapses to the floor, Shiro comes up to him, helping him up. The real Shiro continues to watch on with Kolivan, asking if what he’s seeing is a hologram. Kolivan tells Shiro that Keith is wearing a special suit which creates a mind-scape that shows Keith his “greatest hopes and fears.” He goes even further by saying, “And at this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you.”

Sheith22 (The Blade of Marmora)

Keith runs after Hologram!Shiro, believing it really is Shiro.

Hologram!Shiro tells Keith to give up his blade so they can get back to the team. When Keith refuses, it turns away coldly and leaves, saying that Keith has “chosen to be alone. Believing it really is Shiro, Keith yells for it to wait before running after it. Just before he can reach it, Keith sees his father. As Shiro continues to watch on, he turns to Kolivan again, saying, “You're messing with his mind! You’re going to kill him!” Having had enough, Shiro walks away, saying, “I’m calling this off.” The Red Lion starts attacking the base, knowing Keith is in mortal danger. Using this, Shiro is able to break free from the Blades restraining him. He rushes to Keith, looking down at him with the most concerned expression before carefully helping him up, hooking Keith’s arm around his shoulders. The Red Lion continues its attack and Kolivan tells them to stop and that they’re not leaving with the knife, as Keith failed to awaken it. A Blade rushes them both, Shiro rushes in return, the two collide as steel and metal meet. Keith yells, “Wait! Just take the knife!” He goes on saying how he knows where he comes from and that they need to work together in order to defeat Zarkon. Just then, his knife glows and it becomes a sword. Shiro looks on in awe. In the companion book, the narration states that to Keith, “nothing was worth Shiro's pain.”

Sheith27 (The Belly of the Weblum)

Shiro and Keith share an intimate hug.

In “The Belly of the Weblum,” a plan is made to defeat Zarkon, though there is much preparation that needs to be completed first. Shiro and Keith are to go on separate dangerous missions. Before Keith leaves with Hunk, he and Shiro share an intimate hug, holding their hands close to their chests, all while Keith smiles in Shiro's hold. Keith nuzzles his face into Shiro's shoulder.

Sheith28 (Best Laid Plans)

Shiro needs a moment to compose himself before telling Keith he'll give him cover.

In “Best Laid Plans,” the new allies Team Voltron and the Blade of Marmora are close to executing their plan to defeat Zarkon. Blade member Thace isn't checking in with the Blades, which has Kolivan unsure of the mission. At hearing this, Keith says he'll infiltrate Zarkon's base. Kolivan doesn't like that plan as Keith is too inexperienced. Keith argues back that he's doing it. Shiro, fully believing in Keith's abilities, doesn't argue with him, though he does need a moment to compose himself before telling Keith he'll give him cover. Soon Keith is in his pod and cloaked, Shiro can't see him but he's locked onto Keith's signal. Shiro creates a safe path for Keith to the base. Once inside, Keith thanks Shiro.

Sheith29 (Blackout)

As the paladins float, Shiro and Keith are seen in each other's views.

In “Blackout,” the team engages in an intense battle with Zarkon. In order to protect Zarkon, Haggar hits the paladins with powerful dark magic, disabling Voltron. As the paladins float, Shiro and Keith are seen in each others views; Keith in the foreground and Shiro in back, then Shiro in the foreground and Keith in the back. Once they come to, they're back in the fight. Zarkon separates Voltron back into the Lions. Keith is first to notice Shiro ins't responding, he moves into shield Shiro/the Black Lion. Shiro finally comes back to consciousness and becomes one with his Lion, he activates its Transcendent Wings to phase through Zarkon's Robeast and reclaim the Black Bayard. When Shiro says he's got Zarkon's bayard, Keith is quick to correct him by saying, “You mean you've got your bayard.”

Sheith30 (Blackout)

Keith desperately runs to Shiro/the Black Lion, screaming, “Shiro!”

The fight resumes and everyone comes together to stab Zarkon with Volton's sword. At one last attempt at victory, Zarkon hits Volton's head, causing Shiro great pain. Shiro is able to activate his bayard and destroy Zarkon's Robeast in a bright, powerful light. With their Lions separated from the blast, Coran calls to them and says they need to go. Keith sees Shiro isn't following them, he looks down and notices the Black Lion floating aimlessly. He and Pidge immediately fly down to tow the Lion back onto the castleship. Once abroad, Keith desperately runs to the Shiro/the Black Lion, screaming, “Shiro!” As the door to the Lion's cockpit opens, Keith's voice softens as he says Shiro's name again. Keith looks to Shiro's seat with a broken expression as his best friend is gone.

Season 3

Sheith31 (Changing of the Guard)

Keith vows to find Shiro.

In “Changing of the Guard,” Keith is very clearly mourning the loss of Shiro. The season starts with Keith searching the debris of the battle with Zarkon for Shiro. Keith flashbacks to that battle then to him running to the Black Lion with a broken expression. In a defeated tone, he calls Coran, saying, “There's nothing out here, Coran.” Coran says he's sorry and Keith flies back. Later after Hunk and Lance return from their mission, Hunk brings up how, now with Shiro gone, they don't have Voltron. Keith is quick to reply, “We don't have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” Allura suggests that it's time to start thinking about finding a new pilot for the Black Lion. Keith is stunned at her words, but then stands up, saying, “No! I'm gonna find him! Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me. I won't give up on him.” With that, Keith turns and leaves.

Later the team is having a diplomatic meeting, the leaders in attending are asking for Voltron to be formed. Keith snaps at them, telling them they can't form Voltron, they can fly the Lions but “Voltron is not happening.” Allura attempts damage control, but Keith isn't having any of it. He continues by saying how Shiro was the Black Lion and until they find him there is no Voltron. Already at his end, after a leader asks the team what should tell his people, Keith hits the table and explodes at him telling him and the rest of the leaders to stand up and fight for themselves and how Voltron is gone. Keith then storms out of the room.

Sheith32 (Changing of the Guard)

Keith longing for Shiro.

Once the tension has settled, Keith is seen standing in font of the Black Lion, clearly longing for Shiro. The others come up beside him, saying a neat thing about Shiro. Allura mentions how the mission is bigger than any one individual even those that are “completely irreplaceable”. As much as it hurts Keith, he knows she's right. Keith turns to the Black Lion and says it's time to figure out how to reform Voltron.

In “Red Paladin,” the team is sitting around the living area. Allura is asked if she can figure out who pilots what Lion now, much like how she did when they first became paladins. She says she cannot. Coran mentions how Keith was able to pilot the Black Lion in order to save Shiro, perhaps he's the one. Lance snaps that he doesn't want Keith “leading him anywhere.” Keith snaps back at him saying leading Voltron was just what Shiro wanted. Realizing what he's just said, he lowers his head, his heart breaking even more.

Sheith33 (Red Paladin)

Keith quietly pleads, "Please, no." at becoming the Black Paladin.

The team decides to let the Black Lion choose its paladin. One by one everyone sits in Shiro's former seat. After Lance's turn, it's Keith's. He sighs sadly, but goes ahead inside the cockpit. He sits down and says, “I know you wanted this for me, Shiro. But I'm not you. I can't lead them like you.” Moments later, the Lion powers up, accepting Keith as its paladin. Keith quietly pleads, “Please, no.” Keith walks out of the Lion to the congratulating team. Keith tells them that he doesn't accept it, he goes further by saying how he can't replace Shiro.

The next scene is with Lotor and his generals. Acxa informs Lotor of where the Red Lion has been spotted in three different quadrants. This showing just how long and far Keith has been searching for Shiro.

Back on the castleship, a distressed message comes from the same leader Keith snapped at from the previous episode. Keith and the others head for their Lions, Keith regrettably heading for the Black Lion. Once he's inside, he says, “This one's for you, Shiro.”

Sheith34 (The Journey)

Keith finally finds Shiro.

In “The Journey,” Shiro wakes in a Galra base, he fights his way out, escaping with a battle cruiser to an ice planet. He's found by two rebel fighters who are untrusting of him, though once Shiro spares their lives, they change their minds of him. They help Shiro escape using their cargo ship so he can board a Galra ship that will hyperdrive to Voltron's location. The plan is a success, Shiro has Voltron in his sights though it's pulling away, soon completely out of Shiro's view. Shiro continues forward, following Voltron's path. A week goes by, during which he records logs. By his last log, he's out of food and water, along with low oxygen levels and no fuel. Not long until death, he has flashbacks of his friends and teammates; the first being of Keith on the dunes, the morning after he was rescued. As Shiro closes his eyes, some place else in the universe, the Black Lion roars and hones in on Shiro's location. Keith asks what wrong before seeing it too, saying to himself, “We found him.” Moments later, a wormhole opens up with Keith/the Black Lion leading the castleship. As the Black Lion's shadow dusts over Shiro, Shiro opens his eyes and manages a weak smile. Keith smiles too at finally finding his best friend.

Sheith37 (Tailing a Comet)

Keith smiling at Shiro after saying,“As many times as it takes.”

In “Tailing a Comet,” after a successful mission to liberate a Galra base, Shiro and Keith speak in presumably Shiro's room. Shiro is sitting up in bed, blanket over his lap, wearing a white tank-top. They're discussing, trying to figure out what happened that day Shiro disappeared. Keith mentions how Shiro had just unlocked the Black Lion's ability to teleport, so perhaps the Lion was trying to protect him. Before Keith leaves, he mentions how the rest of the team would be “thrilled to see [Shiro] up and around again.” This heavily implying that while Shiro's been in recovery, he's only allowed Keith to see him; he's only vulnerable when he's with Keith. In response to what Keith said, Shiro says he'll try. Just before Keith leaves, Shiro asks “How many times are you going to have to save me before this is over?” Keith, while smiling, relies back, “As many times as it takes.”

Sheith39 (Tailing a Comet)

Keith telling Shiro to go pilot the Black Lion while he'll stay back on the castleship as support.

Now with Shiro back and Keith still being the leader of Team Voltron, once Hunk and Pidge find the comet and realizes it's moving, Shiro and Keith speak up at the same time, they both look at each other for a moment before Keith apologizes and allows Shiro to speak. Shiro tells the team his plan. The Galra ship they're looking at starts firing at the base. Seeing this, the team needs a new plan. Keith walks over to Shiro and places a hand on his shoulder, he tells him he'll stay on the castleship and provide support. Shiro looks at him and softly asks if he's sure. Keith says he is. As the others leave with their Lions, the Black Lion sits in its hanger, not responding to Shiro. Shiro calls Keith and says he'll have to lead this mission. Keith is panic stricken, asking Shiro why and what's wrong.

As Keith leads the mission, Shiro ends up being the one giving the team support from the ship. They begin to unintentionally disagree with each other on what to do. Soon Keith realizes it's Lotor's ship they're seeing, he says he'll go off and find him on his own. Shiro disagrees and says how the team should stay together. The rest of the team agree with with Shiro, outnumbered, Keith stubbornly says fine. After a fight with Lotor's generals, Voltron is formed, but to take out the teludav or take out Lotor are brought up again. Shiro and Keith argue more. Once the teludav is destroyed and Lotor flies off, Keith says they should go after him but Shiro disagrees again as “something strange is going on here and they need to figure it out.”

Sheith42 (Tailing a Comet)

Shiro telling Keith he's proud of him.

Back on the castleship, Keith stands alone in a room, arms crossed and looking down. Shiro walks up behind him, placing his hand on Keith's shoulder. He apologizes for having to “step in back there.” Keith says how he “thought he had it under control” and that he's “no good at this.” Shiro immediately replies back, “Yes, you are.” Shiro continues by saying how it was Keith's quick thinking that resulted in Lotor not getting away with the teludav. Keith looks at up him with a beautiful expression, listening to Shiro's words carefully. Shiro's face softens into a warm smile, saying, “The Black Lion has chosen you. I'm proud of you, Keith.”

Season 4

Sheith43 (Code of Honor)

Shiro tells Keith to go join the other paladins.

In “Code of Honor,” once returning from a mission with the Blades of Marorma, Keith walks up to Shiro, Shiro is quick to tell him that the the other paladins are on a mission and for Keith to get to the Black Lion immediately to join them. Keith tries to tell Shiro what he and other Blades have found and that “this is Lotor they're talking about.” Shiro isn't having any of it, as he orders, not requests, for Keith to go join the others.

Sheith45 (Code of Honor)

Shiro and Keith talking, while overlooking their classic sunset setting.

After the mission, Shiro and Keith are talking while overlooking a sunset. Keith asks if Shiro was able to talk with Kolivan of the intel he and Blades gathered earlier, Shiro says he has. But then how more importantly, Voltron needs a “strong leader.” Keith is quick to respond, “I know they do... and it should be you.” Shiro tells him they've discussed this before and that the Black Lion has chosen Keith, all while smiling. Though that smile soon dropping when Keith argues back, telling Shiro he only tried once bonding with the Lion before. Shiro tells Keith he supports his Blade of Marmora training, but not at the expense of Team Voltron, not when they need a leader. Not long after a message from Kolivan comes in, needing his agents to act fast. Keith jumps in, saying he's in. Shiro gives Keith the all clear for the Blade mission before telling Keith to meet them on planet Reiphod as soon as he's back.

Sheith47 (Code of Honor)

Shiro and Keith hug before Keith leaves for the Blade of Marmora.

Keith is absent for another mission, one that put Voltron and refugees in danger. Shiro tries again to bond with the Black Lion, this time finally getting a response; he is able to help. Once Keith is back, he's greeted with a cold shoulder from everyone. He starts by saying “this is not the way he wanted this to happen,” but it's because of his absents that Shiro was able to reestablish his bond with the Blake Lion again. Keith continues by saying how he needs to be on that mission with the supply line, with the Blade of Marmora. He goes on saying how Shiro is the rightful leader of Voltron. Shiro walks over, placing a hand on Keith's shoulder and says, “Keith, if this is what you feel is right, then we won't try to stop you. Just know that we're here for you whenever you need us.” Keith smiles up at Shiro, saying, “I know you are, and I can't tell you how much that means to me.” With that, Shiro and Keith claps their hands together and bring them to their chests, bringing each other into a hug. Keith smiles into Shiro's shoulder. Moments later the entire team joins in on them, enclosing Shiro and Keith even closer together.

In “A New Defender,” Kolivan and Keith are asking if there's anyone asking for help in the fight against the Galra Empire. Coran says there's no one, other than noticing a Galra ship stopped far away from where Voltron is. Kolivan chimes in perhaps it knows it can't fight back, as the planet is too well fortified. Keith doesn't buy it as it's not the Galra way - “victory or death” - immediately he realizes it's Voltron. The first thing out of Keith's mouth is Shiro's name, attempting to call him, “Shiro, can you hear me! Shiro!” With Shiro nor any of the other paladins responding, Keith wants to go down there, first needing a ship. He soon spots a Galra battle cruiser, then heading out. He radios Matt, saying he can't explain why, but he knows they need to attack the fleet.

Sheith50 (A New Defender)

Shiro calls Keith, Keith responds immediately, asking where he is and if everything's okay.

Shiro and others are finally able to escape the barrier that has come of the bomb surrounding the planet. Shiro calls Keith, Keith resounds immediately, asking where he is and if everything's okay. As Voltron struggles to fly away in time, Matt tells Keith that they'll never penetrate the Galra ship. Keith lowers his voices and looks dead on to the ship before saying, “Not with our weapons,” he then thrusts his ship straight for the much larger ship. Moments later, Keith's life is saved by Lotor, who shot the barrier surrounding the ship. At having the barrier go down, Shiro is quick to praise Keith. Keith tells him it wasn't him, but rather Lotor. Lotor then calls them all saying it's time for a “discussion.”

Season 5

Sheith51 (Kral Zera)

Upon seeing the Black Lion, Keith sabotages a Blade of Marmora mission for Shiro's sake.

In “Kral Zera,” Shiro takes Lotor to the Kral Zera – a coronation ceremony for a new Emperor or Empress. With so many powerful Galra in one place, Keith and other Blade members know they must take them out. They plant bombs all around the unsuspecting Galra commanders fighting for control above. Soon after, Shiro arrives via the Black Lion. As Keith is running, he turns back to see the Black Lion parked where the Galra stand. Keith saying, “Shiro?” He immediately calls the other Blades saying, “We have to stop! Shiro's out there!” The Blades tell him it's too late, as the bombs are set and timed. Not wasting time, Keith begins to disarm the bombs placed. Though soon realizing there are too many, he runs back out. The ones that do go off don't injure Shiro as he's in the air, flying the Black Lion.

Season 6

Sheith52 (The Colony)

When Keith returns after two years, Shiro stammers over his words when talking to him.

In “The Colony,” Keith has been gone for two years. When he shows up again, he's flying an Altean pod - “a really old one” - which has Shiro and the rest of the team on edge. Shiro makes contact with the pod, asking for whomever to identify themselves. Keith appears on the screen, identifying himself. Haven't seen Keith in a long while, Shiro stammers out, “Keith, I– ar-are you okay?” Once Keith lands the pod, Shiro is first to speak again, saying, “Keith, it's so good to see you.” Keith says they need to stop Lotor, as he's been “lying to all of us,” but has he's with Allura in the quintessence rift, everyone starts speaking up at the same time, Shiro tries to calm everyone down by saying, “Keith -- everyone, calm down.” As Shiro says Keith's name again, he smiles.

Back on the bridge, Shiro mentions how “Lance is right – you have changed.” Keith's mother, Krolia, comes up to Shiro and the two shake hands, she makes a comment of how Keith has told her all about him. The team then waits for Lotor and Allura to get back, when they do, and after Lotor's failed attempts at damage control, Allura is fed up, she picks Lotor up and throws him hard to the floor, knocking him out. Soon the ship is infiltrated by Lotor's former generals. Moments later, Shiro screams in pain. Keith looks over to him saying Shiro's name, his voice laced with concern.

Sheith55 (The Colony)

Keith is heartbroken when Shiro hangs up on him.

After Shiro escapes with Lotor and Keith reclaims his role as the Black Lion's pilot he flies right though the on going battle between Lotor's former generals, all to get to Shiro. He makes contact with him, saying, “Shiro, it's Keith! Shiro, it's gonna be okay. We just have to--” before Keith can finish, he's hung up on. Keith is visibly heartbroken by this.

Sheith56 (The Black Paladins)

Keith watches as Shiro flies his pod away from him; Keith wants nothing more than to fly after him.

In “The Black Paladins,” the fight resumes from the previous episode, Keith watches as Shiro flies his pod away from him. From Keith's expression, he wants nothing more than to fly after him, but alas, he knows he must stay with the others to keep Voltron formed. As the battle continues, Keith asks if anyone's “got eyes on Shiro,” before anyone can answer him, Voltron is pulled back and thrown hard against a massive rock. Soon a wormhole opens up and Lotor's former generals escape through it. Allura makes note that's it's Haggar's doing, Keith is quick to say, “We can't worry about that now! We have to make sure we get Shiro back!” Hunk tells him that “Shiro's not Shiro anymore,” Keith is getting more frustrated, saying, “I know, but something is wrong with him. The Galra or Lotor have to be behind it.” Keith continues to say how Shiro would never give up on them, so they can't give up on him. Voltron is weakened from the battle; it doesn't have enough power to fly through, even with its boosters. Keith tells the team to disband back in the Lions, as it just might be enough to propel him forward. They do and Keith flies though an unknown wormhole all to get to Shiro.

Sheith57 (The Black Paladins)

Keith tries again to get Shiro's attention, by pulling up video communication.

Through the wormhole, Keith fights off Axca effortlessly, too determined to get to Shiro as soon as possible. Keith plows the Black Lion into the Galra ship he knows Shiro is on, locking onto him. He flies off to find a way to gain better access. Through her control, Haggar commands Shiro to lead the Black Lion away from the fleet. Shiro asks how he's to do that, Haggar then answers, “The Red Paladin's connection to you runs deep. Deeper than the others. He still believes there's good left inside you, which leaves him valuable to persuasion. You will exploit this weakness.” On the outside Keith is telling himself to think; how will he get in there. Moments later, Shiro exits the ship with his pod, flying in direct view of Keith. Keith is surprised to see him. He shouts, “Shiro!” He flies after him, contacting him, saying, “Shiro, come in! I know you're there!” He then pulls up video contact, saying, “I don't know what's wrong, but I know we can fix this. Let me help you!” It can be assumed that Shiro ignored Keith's attempts at making contact, as he's done before.

Sheith58 (The Black Paladins)

Keith is "greeted" by Clone!Shiro.

Keith continues to follow Shiro to a desolate moon. He sees Shiro's landed pod with footprints leading to a cave opening. Keith continues onward, once taking a long elevator ride, Keith comes across dozens of other Shiros, all in their own cryo-pods. From behind him, Keith hears the Shiro he's been following say, “Hello, Keith.” Keith tries again telling it it's going to be okay and that they just need to get back to the ship. Shiro tells him they're not going anywhere, just before spiriting toward Keith.

Sheith61 (The Black Paladins)

Clone!Shiro is affected by Keith telling him he loves him.

Soon an intense battle between them starts, Keith dodging and blocking as much as he can. It's because of this that Shiro gains the upper hand; he's able to punch off Keith's helmet and shove them both off a ledge. Upon gaining their footing again, they clash their weapons together, Shiro looks at Keith and says, “That's the Keith I remember!” Keith's eyes go Galra for a moment; this happening because Keith is so distressed he's fighting Shiro at all. His eyes revert back and in that split second, Shiro knocks his sword out from Keith's hands, Keith manages to run for it. In Shiro's attempt to slice Keith, he cuts through a metal bar, a small tower falls between them. With a moment to breath, Keith tries again to get through to Shiro, saying, “Shiro! I know you're in there, you made a promise once: you told me you'd never give up on me!” Shiro is quick to say how he should have abandon him, just like Keith's parents did. Keith is unfazed by this, as he knows the real Shiro would never say such a thing to him. Shiro's Galra arms starts to glow and he powers up the facility around them, gaining a new powerful upgraded arm. Keith runs from the blats, but Shiro cuts around the platform he's on, giving Keith no out but to go down. Keith falls to a ledge, dangling for a moment. He manages to pull himself up, and roll onto his back. He notices his blade a distance away from him, he attempts to crawl to it, before he can reach it, Shiro jumps down right at his hands. He stares down at Keith before swinging his weapon down. Keith is able to grab his blade and flip on his back just before Shiro can deliver a fatal blow. As Keith struggles to hold him off, he makes another attempt at getting to Shiro – by telling Shiro he loves him. This works for a moment, Shiro is affected by Keith's words. Though he's soon back under control. He tells Keith to let go and to stop fighting. Shiro brings his weapon down to Keith's cheek, scaring him with a heavy burn. In his pain, Keith activates the Black bayard, slicing Shiro's arm clean off. Shiro stumbles back, than falls to his knees, he manages out a soft, but full of emotion,“Keith...”

Sheith66 (The Black Paladins)

Keith refuses to let go of Clone!Shiro.

The facility surrounding them is falling apart, Keith uses his knife to keep them both from falling all the way down, in his other hand, he holds Shiro's unconscious body. Keith attempts to lift them up with one arm, but they soon fall even further down. As Keith looks down at Shiro he has flashbacks of him: Shiro in Keith's middle school class, Shiro and Keith over looking a sunset after a hover bike race and Shiro smiling down at him, basked in sunlight. Back to reality, the facility completely crumbles, sending Shiro and Keith falling. Keith never lets go of Shiro. As they fall, Keith's eyes are fixed on Shiro's face. He finally closes them, ready to die along with his best friend. Keith has one more flashback: Keith sitting outside an administers office. Shiro comes out of the office, with a somber expression. Keith tells him the Galaxy Garrison isn't for him and he should be sent back to the home. Shiro tells him he came do this and that he will never give up on him, but more importantly, he can't give up on himself.

Sheith69 (All Good Things)

Keith is shocked to hear Shiro say he died.

In “All Good Things,” the episode starts with Keith in the astral plane, Shiro calling out his name. Keith screams for him to show himself. Shiro, unseen, says how this must be confusing for him. He finally shows himself to Keith when Keith says how he tried to kill him. Shiro continues by saying how the “thing” that attacked Keith wasn't him, how he existed on another relm and how he died. Keith is shocked and deeply sadden to hear Shiro say he died. Their connection soon fades and Shiro disappears, Keith screams, “Shiro! SHIRO!”

Keith wakes up inside the Black Lion with Clone!Shiro at his side. Keith connects the Castle of Lions, with Lance and Allura answering him. He tells them they'll need to hold Lotor of on their own as without a wormhole, it's going it take him a while to get there. Once hanging up, he calls out to Shiro, asking for help.

Sheith75 (All Good Things)

Keith is able to stand side-by-side with Shiro in the astral plane.

Keith is listening to paladins fight against Lotor, awhile hanging his head. In Keith's desperate attempt to get to Shiro he yells Shiro's name with so much volume and power that he propels himself in the astral plane, close enough that Shiro can physically touch him–shoulder touch, something the other paladins weren't able to do. Keith is stunned and Shiro smiles at him. Shiro tells him there is a way for Keith to get to the others–by seeing seeing through the Black Lion's eyes. Through Shiro's encouragement, Keith is able to reach the others.

In “Defender of All Universes.” Keith and others are now engaged in battle with Lotor. The first thing Keith does is send Clone!Shiro to the castleship, where Coran and Krolia place him in a healing pod.

Sometime later, the team realize they have to evacuate the castleship in order to protect the universe from what Lotor caused with his frequent jumps in and out of the quintessence field. They start to gather what's the most important to them–for Keith being a small bag and Clone!Shiro. With the Castle of Lions now gone, Lance asks what they should do now. Keith answers they need to find a place to land to help Shiro.

Sheith79 (Defender of All Universes)

Shiro rests against Keith's chest.

With the team landed, Keith gently places Shiro's body on the ground, his hand cradling Shiro's head. He tells the others, “This body is barely living, but Shiro's sprite is alive–it's inside the Black Lion. I've heard him talking to me.” With her newly Altean alchemy knowledge, Allura transfers Shiro's conscience into the clone body, all while his hand is still cradled under Shiro's head and his other placed over his heart. When Shiro comes to he coughs just before falling into Keith's arms. Shiro whispers, “You found me.” Keith tells him, “We're glad you're back, Shiro.” Shiro then closes his eyes, resting against Keith's chest.

Season 7

Sheith82 (A Little Adventure)

Shiro invites Keith to try out the flight simulator.

In “A Little Adventure,” during a flashback, Shiro comes to Keith's school looking for “the next generation of astroexplores.” Shiro looks directly at Keith, while Keith only stares out the window. Soon Shiro has Keith and the rest of his class outside at a flight simulator. Other classmates complete the simulator, with no one making it past level 3. Shiro turns to Keith who's sitting on the curb, telling him, “Looks like you're the only one who's left. Think you got what it takes?” Keith turns to look at him from behind. Shorty Keith excels and completes level 5. Shiro is impressed, asking if Keith is on the list of students that his teacher made. He is not; instead moments later Keith steals Shiro’s car.

Sometime later, Shiro bails Keith out of juvenile detention. Keith is confused and questions why Shiro would do that. Shiro responds, “Yeah. So you owe me one. Be at this address tomorrow at O-800 hours. You're getting a second chance.” Shiro hands Keith a card with the address on it. Keith accepts it.

Sheith84 (A Little Adventure)

Keith watches over Shiro.

Back to the present, Shiro is laying unconscious in a healing pod, Keith looking down at him with worry. After the fight with Lotor, the Lion's power cores are depleted. While the others come up with a plan to get them up and running again, Keith tells them he'll stay with Shiro. Allura assures Keith Shiro will be okay, to which Keith relies, “I hope so. You can't imagine all he's done for me.”

Flashback, Shiro and Keith are talking about the first ever mission humans took to the moons of Jupiter. Shiro tells Keith he wants to help him, as he's got “a lot of potential.”

Present day, Keith is leaning over Shiro in the healing pod. Allura informs how Shiro's levels are “getting dangerously low.” Keith looks to Shiro, telling him, “Fight. I won't give up on you.”

Sheith89 (A Little Adventure)

Shiro and Keith clasp hands.

Flashback, Keith punches James Griffin, a fellow classmate, which leads to them being sent to an administer's office. Shiro comes out of the office after speaking with the woman inside. After Shiro opens the door and lets James in, he turns to Keith. Keith tells him to just send him back to the home, as the Galaxy Garrison isn't for him. Shiro in return, tells him, “Keith, you can do this. I will never give up on you.” Keith quips back how Shiro doesn't even know him, to which Shiro agrees, but that sometimes people all need a hand. He then extends a hand to Keith, Keith smiles before taking it.

Sheith91 (A Little Adventure)

Shiro and Keith ride hoverbikes, under a rainbow.

Flashback, Shiro and Keith are flying hover bikes through the desert, Shiro cheerfully calls for Keith to “catch up,” as they continue they come up to the same cliff Keith jumped back in season 1– now learning it's something he learned from Shiro– Shiro jumps the cliff leaving Keith behind and awestruck. By sunset, with a rainbow over head, Keith meets back up Shiro who's waiting for him. Full of adrenaline, Keith tells Shiro he won that round. The two then sit against their bikes, over looking the view. Keith asks if Shiro thinks he's ready for that jump, Shiro asks if he thinks he is. Keith looks at Shiro with soft smile, before saying, “Maybe I should be patient and keep focusing on the basics first.” They then talk briefly of Keith's up bringing and of Keith's father. Moments later, Shiro turns away suddenly, pressing a button for electro-stimulators to “keep his muscles loose.” Keith asks what's wrong with his muscles. Shiro avoids the question. With that, Shiro suggests they head back to the base.

Sometime later, Keith overhears Shiro, Sam Holt and Admiral Sandra discussing if Shiro can go on the Kerberos mission. When Sandra mentions how Shiro is “sick,” Keith is stunned.

Sheith97 (A Little Adventure)

Shiro and Keith talk about Shiro's disease.

Shiro is fixing a hoverbike outside when Keith shows up, angry. He demands when Shiro was going to tell him about him being sick, saying how he's not a little kid and that he can handle it. Shiro sighs deeply, before telling Keith how he has a disease and that it's getting worse. Keith is visibly sadden by hearing this and his anger immediately dissolves. Keith asks what Shiro is going to do as the Garrison and Adam, Shiro's then boyfriend, don't want Shiro going on the Kerberos mission. Shiro tells him he's going on that mission.

Sheith103 (A Little Adventure)

When Shiro comes to (after Keith begs him), Keith leans down to hug Shiro close.

Present day, Allura informs Keith that the clone body is rejecting Shiro's consciousness. Keith pleads with her that there must some way she can help. Allura tells him that there's nothing she can do, Keith goes silent for a moment, scared and stunned that he might lose Shiro for good. Keith then pounds on the healing pod, pleading with Shiro, saying, “Shiro, please! Fight! You can't do this to me again...” The pod then responds, the clone body accepts Shiro's consciousness. It opens and Keith looks down at Shiro with a warm expression. Shiro tells him he was dreaming. Shiro then continues by saying, “Keith... you saved me.” Keith goes in for a tight embrace, leaning down, awhile smiling, before saying, “We saved each other.” All through out the course of the episode, during present day, Keith never lets go of Shiro–he's always touching him in same way, whether it be touching Shiro physically or the healing pod he's in.

In “The Road Home,” team Voltron is making preparations for their yearlong journey back to Earth. Lance untimely decides were each person and animal should go; Shiro rides with Keith in the Black Lion, along with Krolia and Coran.


Season 1

The Rise of Voltron

  • After a successful first mission, Shiro affectionately slaps Keith's shoulder.

Some Assembly Required

  • After Keith is knocked out by the Gladiator, it goes for Shiro next. Shiro freezes as it's about to attack, then Keith springs up to Shiro's defense, asking if he's okay.
  • As Shiro heads to bed, Keith can be seen in the background getting up from the couch, all while smiling and looking at Shiro.

Taking Flight

  • As Pidge talks about Hunk’s “new girlfiend,” Shiro and Keith smile at each other.

Crystal Venom

  • When the team remembers Sendak, Keith is first to wonder where Shiro is.

Season 2

Across the Universe

  • As soon as Keith gets his bearings straight, his immediate next thought is where Shiro is. In return, as soon as Shiro exits his Lion, his immediate next thought is where Keith is.
  • Shiro mentions a wound, Keith is soon concerned and says, “Wait, what wound?” Shiro replies it's nothing. In return, when Keith is dangling off a high cliff, Shiro asks what's wrong, and Keith tells him, “Minor delay. But I'm on my way.”
  • Keith is able to pilot the Black Lion so he can save Shiro from wild creatures.
  • When Keith tells Shiro to “stop talking like that”, Shiro gives Keith his best, though weak smile at his words.

The Ark of Taujeer

  • Shiro walks up to Keith, asking if he's okay, as he seems “anxious”.

Space Mall

  • Once back from the mall, Keith asks where Shiro is.

The Belly of the Weblum

  • Shiro and Keith share an intimate hug before going on their separate missions.

Best Laid Plans

  • Keith says he's going on a dangerous. Shiro needs a moment to compose himself before telling Keith he'll give him cover.
  • Shiro creates a safe path for Keith to Zarkon's base. Once inside, Keith thanks Shiro.


  • Haggar hits the paladins with dark magic, disabling Voltron. As the paladins float from lack of gravity, Shiro and Keith are seen in each others views; Keith in the foreground and Shiro in back, then Shiro in the foreground and Keith in the back.
  • Shiro can feel Zarkon is his mind as they fight for the Black Lion. Keith says, “Fight it, Shiro!”
  • Shiro says he's got Zarkon's bayard, Keith corrects him by saying, “You mean you've got your bayard.”
  • Keith desperately runs to Shiro/the Black Lion, screaming Shiro's name.

Season 3

Changing the Guard

  • Keith is mourning Shiro.

Red Paladin

  • Acxa informs Lotor of where the Red Lion has been spotted in three different quadrants. This showing just how long and far Keith has been searching for Shiro.

Season 4

Code of Honor

  • Shiro and Keith share a hug before Keith leaves for the Blade of Marmora.

Season 5

Kral Zera

  • Keith sabotages a Blade of Marmora mission for Shiro's sake.

Season 6

The Colony

  • Krolia, Keith's mother, comments to Shiro how Keith as “told her all about Shiro.”

The Black Paladins

  • Keith flies though an unknown wormhole all to get to Shiro.
  • Keith tells Shiro he loves him.

All Good Things

  • Keith yells Shiro's name with so much volume and power that he's able to propel himself into the astral plane, close enough that Shiro can physically touch him–shoulder touch; something the other paladins weren't able to do.

Defender of All Universes

  • When Shiro comes to he fall into Keith's arms.
    • This moment is especially nice because of Shiro's lack of a right arm (Keith is on Shiro's right side); Shiro should've fallen to the left as that side of him is heavier–which means Shiro deliberately chose in fall into Keith.

Season 7

A Little Adventure

  • Keith tells the rest of Team Voltron that he'll stay with Shiro while the others go on a mission.
  • Keith tells an unconscious Shiro, “Fight. I won't give up on you.”
  • During a flashback, Shiro tells Keith, “Keith, you can do this. I will never give up on you.”
  • Keith never lets go of Shiro–he's always touching him in same way, whether it be touching Shiro physically or the healing pod he's in.



Fans accidentally discovered that the sticky-notes in Keith's shack are completely readable and a slew of theories about what Keith wrote on them have developed since.

Keith“It's good to have you back.”
Shiro“It's good to be back.”
The Rise of Voltron.
“If it wasn’t for you, my life would have been a lot different.”
—Keith, Across the Universe.
Keith“Patience yields focus.”
Shiro“That really stayed with you, didn’t it?”
Across the Universe.
Shiro“Thanks for saving me.”
Keith“You would have done the same for me.”
Across the Universe.
Shiro“Keith, if I don’t make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.”
Keith“Stop talking like that. You’re gonna make it.”
Across the Universe.
Shiro“It's good to have you back, Keith!”
Keith“Good to be back.”
The Ark of Taujeer.
“At this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you.”
—Kolivan to Shiro, The Blade of Marmora.
“Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me. I won't give up on him.”
—Keith, Changing of the Guard.
“This one's for you, Shiro.”
—Keith, Red Paladin.
Shiro“How many times are you gonna have to save me before this is over?”
Keith“As many times as it takes.”
Tailing a Comet.
Shiro“Keith, if this is what you feel is right, then we won't try to stop you. Just know that we're here for you whenever you need us.”
Keith“I know you are, and I can't tell you how much that means to me.”
Code of Honor.
“We have to stop! Shiro's out there!”
—Keith to other Blade members, Kral Zera.
“Keith, I– ar-are you okay?”
—Shiro stammers out his first sentences to Keith in two years, The Colony.
“Keith, it's so good to see you.”
—Shiro, The Colony.
“We can't worry about that now! We have to make sure we get Shiro back!”
—Keith, The Black Paladins.
“The Red Paladin's connection to you runs deep. Deeper than the others.”
—Haggar to Clone!Shiro, The Black Paladins.
“I love you.”
—Keith to Shiro, The Black Paladins.
“You found me.”
—Shiro, Defender of All Universes.
“I'll stay with Shiro.”
—Keith, to the rest of Team Voltron before they head out on a mission, A Little Adventure.
Allura“[Shiro's] going to be okay, Keith.”
Keith“I hope so. You can't imagine all he's done for me.”
A Little Adventure.
“Fight. I won't give up on you.”
—Keith, to an unconscious Shiro, A Little Adventure.
“Keith, you can do this. I will never give up on you.”
—Shiro, A Little Adventure.
“Shiro, please! Fight! You can't do this to me again...”
—Keith, A Little Adventure.
Shiro“Keith... you saved me.”
Keith“We saved each other.”
A Little Adventure.



Sheith Korrasami Parallels

Sheith/Korrasami parallel.

Along with Klance, the ship has really taken off for modern audiences in the last couple years. This is thanks to Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2, produced by Studio Mir (Legend of Korra). A lot of the writers and directors for Voltron migrated from Korra, famed for it's bisexual ending, and have made comments hinting at possible LGBT content, including the quote, "I think I'll just let that play out as we go. No comment on that question," when prompted about future LGBT content. Although the ship is not confirmed in canon, many fans still enjoy Keith and Shiro's dynamic in a fanon environment due to the deep connection Keith and Shiro have been shown to share over the last four seasons.

The ship has received hate because of its prospective age gap. Many contradicting age ranges have been mentioned by many different official sources, some fans consider that there are no definitive set ages for Keith or Shiro, or for any of the other Paladins, while others do not consider any published age information canon.

Tumblr inline oti82oPyI71rt1ksm 500

Although Shiro is dying, he still chooses to smile fondly at his best friend's words.

On AO3, it is the most written ship for Shiro, and the second most written for Keith. It is the the second most written relationship in the Voltron: Legendary Defender tag, the eight most written in the Voltron Force tag, and the fifth most written in the Voltron: Defender of the Universe tag.

Sheith Weeks are popular within the fandom, a week with a theme to it all about Shiro and Keith's relationship:


The non-romantic ship between Shiro and Keith is often called “broganes”. This is a portmanteau of “brother” + “gane” + “s”, stemming from Keith seeing Shiro like a brother and the fact that the original characters from Beast King Golion had the last names “Shirogane” and “Kogane” respectively - although only Shiro retains his source character's name, the two surnames are very different, and the GoLion characters as well as Shiro and Keith are not related.

There are also theories that have floated around the fandom from time to time about whether Shiro and Keith could be related in canon. The backing behind this is the astonishingly similar facial structure between Shiro and Keith's father, though this could simply be a design choice to help represent Shiro's mentor role in Keith's life.

It manifests in a variety of AUs, including adopted brothers, half brothers, and full brothers AUs, yet it is occasionally used just as the ship name for the platonic relationship between Shiro and Keith, rather than just referring to them as “platonic Sheith.” Though with how divided the fandom is, a majority of Sheith shippers don't appreciate the name “broganes,” where as “Friendsheith” is an acceptable name for those who don't consider themselves “antis,” but also don't ship Sheith romantically.

Behind the Scenes

The ship has been acknowledged by countless members of Voltron's production team since the show first aired, further supporting it as a ship for fans to enjoy. These instances include:

Tumblr o97ubmQ0EL1t8stozo1 1280

Not long after Season 1 premiered, former art director of Voltron, Chris Palmer, posted this picture on his Tumblr blog with the caption: “Shiro loves you, baby,” and the tag, “#he is looking at Keith.”

  • Members of the production team such as art director Chris Palmer, Steve Ahn, Christie Tseng, Barlee, Ki Hyun Ryu and Lauren Montgomery liking Sheith fanart on various social media platforms.
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus declared that Keith is a powerbottom in response to Josh Keaton's post of red and black shoes.
  • Members on the staff such as former art director Chris Palmer and Kim Il Kwang produced art that emphasizes the bond between Shiro and Keith, and are often theorized to have romantic undertones.
    Ki Hyun Ryu's Sheith art - Keith hugging Shiro from behind

    Ki Hyun Ryu's art.

  • Ki Hyun Ryu made a Sheith sketch posted to his Instagram: Keith hugging Shiro from behind all while blushing and touching Shiro's face.
  • Eugene Lee drew Keith on Chris Palmer's Shiro all while laying on his chest and blushing.
    VLD Staff's Sheith art - cuddly blushy Keith

    Eugene Lee's drawing of Keith on Chris Palmer's Shiro.

  • According to show runner Lauren Montgomery, Keith unleashes his Galra side during the season 6 episode “The Black Paladins” because he was so distressed about having to fight Shiro.[1]
“[Keith] latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.”
—Joaquim Dos Santos, on Keith's character.[2]
“[Keith’s] constantly scared that he’s gonna do something or say something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro.”
—Josh Keaton.[3]
Joaquim“[Keith] and Shiro have the closest relationship.”
Lauren“The Black Lion probably got from Shiro what Shiro saw in Keith.”
―Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery answering a question.[4]
“Yeah, and he was not coping well with the loss of Shiro. Things take an impact and maybe he got a little…a little out of hand.”
—Lauren Montgomery to the question “Why was Keith booted from the garrison?”[5]
“Shiro loves Keith.”
—Joaquim Dos Santos, answering a fan's question.[6]
“The fight probably strengthened their bond and showed how much they mean to each other. It was like the ultimate test, really. Shiro should make a recovery. Keith and Shiro will be stronger for it.”
—Joaquim Dos Santos, on Shiro and Keith's relationship post S6s “The Black Paladins,” San Diego Comic Con.
“'You're my brother' it's like 'You're everything to me'.”
—Josh Hamilton, on Keith and Shiro.



Shiro/Keith tag on Archive of Our Own.
Shiro/Keith tag without L/K, L/S or S/K/L on Archive of Our Own.




Sheith tag on DeviantArt.
Shiro x Keith fanclub on DeviantArt


Tumblr inline olbvpovQZS1r0cl8p 400
  • Keith pilots the Red Lion, which forms the right-hand of Voltron, thus making him the right-hand man of Shiro, who lost his right arm to the Galra.
  • Keith is part Galra, and Shiro's right hand was replaced by a Galran prosthetic.
  • Shiro's Bayard, when combined with Keith's, activates Voltron's Blazing Sword, and it's a joke within the community that Shiro lights Keith's fire.
  • In season 7, Shiro becomes Captain of the Atlas, who holds up the Sky; Keith is the Black Paladin, Guardian of the Sky.
  • Josh Keaton, Shiro's voice actor, suggested the ship name “Sheith,” saying “Also, I notice the fandom has already started shipping Keith and Shiro. If a name hasn’t yet been suggested, I’d like to submit “Sheith.”[7]
  • In an AfterBuzzTV interview, it was brought up that the fans discovered Keith and Shiro in the background flashback with Matt and Pidge. Lauren and Joaquim congratulated the fans on a well done for finding the easter egg. Lauren commented with "I put that shit in there—Oh, I just said a bad word." and "Shiro was still his guiding light, it was good."
  • It placed #2 on Tumblr's Fandometrics ship list on June 18, 2018. (3 days after Season 6 aired.)[8] This is the highest the ship has been on the list.
    • Since then, it's held a steady place in the top 3, varying from the second and third spot.
  • The Paladin's Handbook guidebook states that Shiro is 25 and Keith is 18, though there is some doubt as to whether this information is accurate to the canon because the book was not reviewed by executive staff.[9]
    • The show staff previously gave "safety zone" ages of "25" and "late teens" respectively, while agreeing that Shiro is an adult and the other Paladins are not.[10]
    • Official show descriptions describe the Earth paladins as "five teenagers", placing Shiro as a teenager in contrast to his published age; Josh Keaton grants some insight into the discrepancy by stating that during production of the show as early as the voice actor auditions, the pitch was "five teenagers", but certain character models ended up looking different than the description, so the writing adapted to the finalized designs.[11] This suggests the book does not take the ages from the original pitch as staff feared and reflects the organic changes they have made, while the official show description is the original pitch that is inaccurate to the canon.




Adasheith refers to the ship between Adam, Shiro and Keith
Jeiro refers to the ship between James, Shiro and Keith
Keirotora refers to the ship between Lotor, Allura, Shiro and Keith
Shallureith refers to the ship between Allura, Shiro and Keith
Sheithunk refers to the ship between Hunk, Shiro and Keith
Sheitor refers to the ship between Lotor, Shiro and Keith
Shkidge refers to the ship between Pidge, Shiro and Keith
Shkatt refers to the ship between Matt, Shiro and Keith
Shklance refers to the ship between Lance, Shiro and Keith


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