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Senna is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe and the mother of Avatar Korra.


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Senna met Tonraq once he moved to the Southern Water Tribe following his banishment. She eventually fell in love with him and they got married. Senna and Tonraq wanted to live a simple life but their daughter Korra ended up being the next Avatar. They learned this when Korra was around age four and bending multiple elements. From that point on, Senna and Tonraq knew that they had to give up on living a simple life.


Senna is not a large character in the Legend of Korra series and does not have a large amount of popularity because of it. While she was stated to be a waterbender, she has never been seen bending. Many fans are annoyed because of this. Since Senna is from the Southern Water Tribe, some fans have hoped that she is Sokka's daughter because that would make Korra related to him and by extension Katara.



Korra is the only daughter of Tonraq and Senna. She is the current avatar and successor of Avatar Aang. Korra was a bending prodigy and was able to bend water, earth and fire by the time that she was four years old. Korra always had trouble with air, but she eventually learned it as well after temporarily losing her bending in Republic City. Korra is also the last avatar of the first cycle and the first of the second cycle because Raava was temporarily extracted from her and destroyed, and while she managed to save Raava and recombined with her, her connection to her past lives was forever lost.


  • Senna has been listed as a waterbender but she has never been shown bending.

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