Seekerhearts is the het ship between Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang from the Harry Potter fandom.


Cedric and Cho both attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cedric was one year above Cho, and he was a Hufflepuff while she was a Ravenclaw. By Cedric's fifth and Cho's fourth year, the two became the Seekers of their respective Quidditch teams.

In Cho's fifth year, when Harry asked Cho to the Yule Ball, she told him that Cedric had already asked her and she had said yes, and afterwards the two began to date. During the second second task of the Triwizard tournament, a person was chosen as the thing the Champions would miss most. Cho was chosen for Cedric, and was put under a spell. Cedric arrived after Harry and brought her to the surface, where the spell wore off, and he came in first.

Their relationship ended when Cedric was murdered by Voldemort during the third task. Cho mourned him at the end of the year with the other Hogwarts students.

In her sixth year Cho later began dating Harry Potter but seemed to feel guilty since she was still mourning Cedric at the time. She also joined the DA, since Voldemort had killed Cedric and she was upset that the Ministry didn't believe him to be back.


Although not a rare pair, it isn't very common either. Most tend to accept the couple for what it was. It is also shipped less in fandom due to there being limited interactions shown between the two. This is due to the series almost exclusively being shown from Harry's point of view, so the relationship wasn't focused on as much as others. Most fics of the two typically have them as a background pair, focusing more on other relationships. Although some will also have focus on the two.

On AO3 it is the second most written ship for Cedric and the most written for Cho.



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  • They were both introduced off-hand in The Prisoner of Azkaban


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