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Scrapper is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is an ancient robot from the Lanayru Province.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


Scrapper develops a crush on Fi shortly after meeting her. He is not willing to assist Link at first due to his age but changes his mind after meeting Fi due to his infatuation towards her. Scrapper then decides to help the hero in order to please her and refers to her as "Mistress Fi." He is irritated with the fact that Link carries Fi around and still expresses dislike towards him because of this.


Scrapper has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. A lot of fans of Skyward Sword like him and find him to be adorable. Scrapper's crush on Fi especially causes a lot of fans to be amused by him. Because of this, many also ship him with Fi. While he is a robot, Fi also seems to be very robotic so a lot of fans feel that they are a perfect match.