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Satoru is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is the nephew of Loban and works at the Earthen Fire Refinery with him.


  • Satoph - Satoru and Toph Beifong

Canon Relationships

Satoru has no known canon relationships that are romantic. It is possible that he returned Toph's feelings for him but this has yet to be seen.


Satoru was introduced in the comics and never appeared during the actual series so he is not that popular among those who did not read the comics. However, he is popular among those who have. Many fans were excited to see a possible love interest for Toph and were hoping that he would be Lin's father since that question was still unanswered. Some fans thought that this was the case since they found Satoru and Lin to be similar in appearance. However, Lin's father turned out to be a man named Kanto instead. Since then, some fans have turned to the possibility of him being Suyin's father instead of Lin's.