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SasuSaku is the het ship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno from the Naruto fandom.


Sasuke and Sakura know each other from being in the Ninja Academy together. Sakura had a crush on Sasuke and even ends her friendship with Ino in order to pursue him. After hearing rumors that Sasuke likes girls with long hair, she allows her hair to grow longer. They eventually graduate at the same time. Sakura wants to sit next to him and is mad when Naruto accidentally kisses him.

Sakura is placed on a team with Sasuke along with Naruto. Sasuke eventually calls her annoying for making fun of Naruto because she does not understand what it is like to be an orphan. Kakashi later administers a bell test and Sakura spends the entire test obsessing over Sasuke. They later decide to feed Naruto despite being told not to and pass the test because of this.

During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru greatly injures Naruto and Sasuke so Sakura is forced to protect them by herself when more ninja show up to attack them. Sasuke eventually awakens with his cursed mark and demands to know who hurt her. Sakura is terrified to see him behaving like this and begs him to stop while hugging him from behind. Sasuke then comes to his senses and deactivates his cursed mark. He later thanks her for helping him but warns her not to tell anybody about his cursed mark.

When Konoha is attacked by the sound and sand villages, Sakura is incapacitated by Gaara. Naruto eventually manages to save her and she later thanks Sasuke. However, he regrettably admits that it was Naruto who saved her and not him. After a run in with Itachi, Sasuke fights against Naruto and Sakura tries to stop the battle. She finally tells Naruto about his cursed seal because she is worried about him.

Sasuke later decides to leave the village in order to go train with Orochimaru. Sakura catches him as he is leaving and begs him to stay. When that does not work, she begs him to allow her to come with him so that she can help him get his revenge. Sasuke then thanks her before knocking her unconscious and placing her on a bench. Sakura is upset by this and hopes that Naruto and his mission team can bring him back. However, they fail.

Over two years later, Sakura finally reunites with Sasuke on the battlefield. She tries to reason with him but they end up in a battle. He manages to get away with Orochimaru so Sakura vows to get even stronger. At the Five Kage Summit, she meets him yet again. Sakura was planning to assassinate him but ends up breaking down and begging to let her join him. Sasuke orders her to kill Karin but attempts to kill her until Naruto intervenes. She is shocked to see Naruto promise that they would both die in their final battle.

Sasuke and Sakura are later reunited again during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Sasuke finally decides to protect the village so the two are on the same side again. They eventually manage to defeat Kaguya. However, Sasuke ends up battling with Naruto again. She later catches up to them and is upset to see that they both lost their arms but is happy that they are finally getting along again. Sasuke apologizes to Sakura for everything he did and she forgives him.

Sasuke returns to the village but ends up leaving for a long time for a mission. For a time, Sakura eventually joins up with Sasuke and keeps following him to assist him. They end up getting married and having a daughter named Sarada. After Sarada is born, Sakura is forced to return to the village so that she can raise her. She is slightly frustrated about their long-distance relationship but they are eventually reunited.


SasuSaku is one of the most popular ships in the Naruto fandom. It has been very popular since the beginning of the series, and many celebrated when it became canon. Many assumed that the pairing had no chance after Sasuke left the village and especially when Sasuke attacked Sakura. However, fans did not give up hope. In Naruto Gaiden, fans were temporarily tricked into believing that Karin was actually the mother of Sarada which enraged many fans. However, this turned out to be a red herring. SasuSaku most commonly rivals the NaruSaku, SasuKarin, and SasuNaru pairings.


Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha
Sarada is the daughter and only child of Sasuke and Sakura a Genin of Konoha. Like her father, she can use the Sharingan and also uses her mother's Cherry Blossom Impact. Sarada is a member of Team Konohamaru along with Boruto and Mitsuki. She has a dream of becoming Hokage some day. She looks up to both of her parents as well as Naruto and desires to be connected to everybody in her village. Sarada was falsely led to believing that that Karin is her mother at one point due to a DNA test but it turned out that she was actually testing her own umbilical cord and tha Sakura is her real mother.



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  • Sasuke is named after Sasuke Sarutobi who also had a female companion named Sakura.
  • Kishimoto planned for Sasuke and Sakura to end up together since the start of the series.
  • Sasuke and Sakura are the only members of a same team to end up together.