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Saïx is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is number VII of Organization XIII and is known as the Luna Diviner. Saïx commands the power of the moon and uses a claymore as a weapon. Before becoming a nobody, he was a teenager named Isa who was living in Radiant Garden.


Slash Ships

Canon Relationships


Saïx and Lea have been best friends since they were teenagers known as Isa and Lea. They often got into a lot of trouble together and even attempted to sneak into Ansem's castle multiple times. Unfortunately, this would eventually lead to them losing their hearts. Saïx and Axel were both recruited into Organization XIII and had a plan to eventually take it over for themselves. However, Axel eventually befriended Roxas and Xion which make Saïx jealous. They slowly began to drift apart until Axel turned on the organization and the two became enemies. Both were eventually destroyed and came back as their somebodies. However, Isa remained loyal to Xehanort and attacked Lea when he saved Sora.


Saïx was recruited into Organization XIII by Xemnas. At first, his loyalty was not sincere as he and Axel wanted to take over the organization for themselves. He still managed to earn the trust of Xemnas and became his second in command who was in charge of handing out missions. As Saïx grew apart from Axel, his loyalty towards Xemnas increased. It was to the point that after becoming whole, he was still loyal to Xehanort and willing to eventually become a vessel for him.


Being a member of Organization XIII, Saïx is a popular Kingdom Hearts character. He was not always popular as many fans though that he was mean to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II and especially mean to Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. However, when his past was revealed, more fans began to sympathize with him. Saïx is most commonly shipped with Xemnas but is also often with Axel, especially after their past friendship was revealed.


  • While Saïx usually seems calm, the moonlight can supposedly break this calm and bring out his "berserker" side.

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