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Roxette is a Het ship between Roxas and Olette in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Roxas and Olette first met while the former was still a member of Organization XIII. Roxas had seen Olette from a distance multiple times. He witnesses her interactions with Hayner and Pence and learns more about friendship from watching them. Roxas actually envied Olette a little at first due to her having a heart and emotions. There was one day when Roxas decided to join Olette and her group in playing a game while the former had a vacation day.

Roxas was eventually captured and placed in a simulated version of Twilight Town after having his memories wiped. During this time, he befriended a virtual version of Olette. They had fun on their summer vacation together and often ate sea-salt ice cream along with Hayner and Pence. Olette watched Roxas become the next struggle champion and later motivated him to get their homework done. She was also concerned about the odd situations happening to Roxas and was going to join the rest of the town on an investigation. The simulation eventually began to fade and Roxas eventually went to go merge with Sora but not before realizing that he was not friends with the real Olette.


Roxette has a decent amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is mostly popular due to the tutorial segment in Kingdom Hearts II as it lasted for hours and Roxas and Olette spent a lot of time together. It is greatly overshadowed by other ships involving those who had reals bonds with Roxas and this especially became the case after Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days since his days in the organization where finally shown. Still, Roxette has popularity in the fandom.


  • When Sora and Olette first met, they still seemed to have a sense of familiarity in each other despite the fact that Roxas was mainly connected to a virtual version of Olette.