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Roxas is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Roxas is the Nobody of Sora who shares his ability to wield the keyblade. Roxas was also number XIII in Organization XIII until he left. He eventually merged with Sora and became whole again.



RokuKai - the ship between Roxas and Kairi
RokuNami - the ship between Roxas and Naminé
RokuShi - the ship between Roxas and Xion
Roxette - the ship between Roxas and Olette


AkuRoku - the ship between Roxas and Axel
RikuRoku - the ship between Roxas and Riku
SoRoku - the ship between Roxas and Sora


Roxas is one of the most popular Kingdom Hearts characters. He was highly anticipated before he was formally introduced and was referred to as the "BHK" because his name was unknown. Roxas is one of the most popular members of Organization XIII and is almost as popular if not more popular than Sora. A lot of fans like to pair Roxas with Axel due to their friendship while others like to pair him with Naminé because of their parallel to Sora and Kairi. A large amount of fans started to ship him with Xion once she was introduced because they also shared a close bond.


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Roxas met Axel shortly after he joined the organization. He served as a tutor for Roxas and the two quickly became friends. The two would eat sea-salt ice cream on the station tower in Twilight Town every day. Axel briefly left for a mission in Castle Oblivion and was seemingly killed. Roxas was depressed during this period of time until Axel showed up and revealed that he was still alive. The two continued their friendship.

Roxas and Axel continued to see each other nearly every day and the latter eventually asked Roxas if he had a heart. He eventually left the organization which upset Axel. Roxas temporarily lost his memory and was puzzled when Axel arrived and tried to take him back. He eventually regained his memories but the two were forced to fight. Axel said that they should meet in the next life and Roxas agreed. Roxas happily merged with Sora for a while but was upset when Axel died. This caused him to pull Sora into his Station of Awakening and fight him. However, Roxas eventually caved in and was given a final chance to say goodbye to a dying Axel.


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Roxas met Xion when she first joined the organization. She looked up at him and smiled which puzzled him. He was eventually placed in charge of Xion for missions and she eventually talked to him and revealed her face. Them being together also enabled her to use the keyblade. Afterwards, Roxas and Xion started to eat ice cream together on the station tower in Twilight Town almost every day. When Axel returned, Roxas had her join the group.

Roxas noticed that he and Xion were going through similar experiences. They both went into comas at different points, could not remember their lives before becoming nobodies, and were receiving Sora's memories. It turned out that Xion was actually a replica of Roxas who was meant to absorb him so that Sora would not wake up. She was brainwashed into fighting Roxas but was defeated. He held Xion as she faded away and struggled to remember her but eventually remembered and cried. Roxas was so upset that he decided to take on the organization and release Kingdom hearts in hopes of bringing Xion back but was eventually captured by Riku.


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Roxas and Naminé had a connection due to being the Nobodies of Sora and Kairi who had a deep connection. Roxas saw Naminé multiple times while he was living in the simulated Twilight Town. He wanted to know more about her and had a vision of her when he was looking into the old mansion. Roxas finally asked Naminé about himself and was upset when she told him that he was never supposed to exist.

Roxas encountered Naminé again in person and asked what was going to happen to him. She tried to explain that he would become whole instead of disappearing but Ansem and Riku arrived to interrupt them. Naminé promised Roxas that they would meet again before being taken away. After merging with Sora and Kairi, Roxas and Naminé were able to talk to each other again in the World that Never Was. They realized that they could always be together as long as Sora and Kairi were together.


  • Roxas was referred to the "BHK" which is short for "blond-haired kid" before his name was revealed as he appeared in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts and in Riku's ending of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
  • Roxas and Ventus are very similar in appearance due to the latter's presence in Sora's heart.