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The Riku Replica is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series.


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The Riku Replica did briefly have memories of Kairi as he was a clone of Riku and had the same memories as him. When Sora tried to get him to return to the Destiny Islands and mentioned her, he reminded Sora that he told him to take care of Kairi. However, as Sora's memories were altered to replace Kairi with Naminé, this seemed to affect Riku as well.


The Riku Replica had the same fake memories of Naminé that Sora had. He had memories of fighting with Sora over her and promising to protect her with his wooden sword while watching a meteor shower. The Riku Replica even had a fake copy of the good luck charm which was altered by her memory. He initially attacked Sora because he saw him as a threat but later stayed behind to protect her while Sora went to fight Marluxia.


Being a copy of Riku with the same memories, the Riku Replica saw Sora as his childhood best friend. However, he was much more hostile to him after gaining the same fake memories of Naminé. He kept trying to convince Sora to turn around and leave. The Riku Replica even attacked Sora on multiple occasions. However, he later helped him with Marluxia by protecting Naminé so that he could go find him. He later learned that he was not the real Riku and told Sora this. Sora told him that his memories and heart are still his own and the Riku Replica responded that he still knew that Sora is a good person.


The Riku Replica is commonly overshadowed by other characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, especially the real Riku. There is also the fact that he only appeared in one game. However, the Riku Replica still has a small number of fans and most refer to him as "Repliku" which is a nickname. Some fans ship him with Naminé or Xion and many find his story to be sad.


  • The Riku Replica is commonly referred to as "Repliku" by the fans.

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