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Riku is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a keyblade wielder from Destiny Islands who is best friends with Sora and Kairi. Riku follows the road to dawn and commands both darkness and twilight.


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Riku and Sora have been best friends since they were little children. They had a friendly rivalry though it sometimes got competitive, especially after Kairi arrived. As children, they made a pact to travel to other worlds. This dream was later realized when the keyhole on Destiny Islands was opened. Sora and Riku spent a long amount of time looking for each other and were eventually reunited. However, Maleficent manipulated Riku into thinking that Sora no longer cared for him.

Riku sided with the heartless and briefly became Sora's enemy. He also briefly obtained his keyblade until Sora's heart overpowered his. Riku then opened himself up to the darkness which allowed Xehanort's heartless to possess him. He eventually realized the error of his ways and helped Sora close the Door to Darkness. Riku later ended up in Castle Oblivion and learned that Sora was asleep. He worked to help him wake up by influencing Xion and capturing Roxas.

Riku had to allow the darkness to change his form in order to capture Roxas so that Sora could wake up. As such, he did not want to be found because he did not want Sora to see him like that. Riku helped Sora escape the Realm of Darkness at one point but Sora eventually found him and saw his changed appearance. Ansem caused and explosion that turned Riku back to normal and he and Sora defeated Xemnas together. They were trapped in the Realm of Darkness together until the Door to Light opened and they were able to return to Destiny Islands.

Sora and Riku were called by Yen Sid to go take the Mark of Mastery exam. Sora traveled through the Realm of Sleep while Riku was unknowingly traveling through Sora's dreams. It was eventually revealed that Xehanort was taking advantage of this situation in hopes of possessing Sora and turning him into a vessel. Riku had to dive deep into Sora's heart in order to save him. He woke up and was relieved to see that Sora was okay.


Riku was close friends with Kairi for a long amount of time ever since she arrived at Destiny Islands. He seemingly developed a crush on her and was often jealous of Sora because of this. All of the other kids on Destiny Islands assumed that Riku was the one for Kairi. They decided to travel to other worlds along with Sora but they were all forcibly taken from their world.

Riku worked for Maleficent and eventually found Kairi, only to learn that she had lost her heart. He was determined to help her get it back and even tried to kidnap Pinocchio in hopes of doing so. Sora eventually saved Kairi and Riku told him to take care of her. He later found Sora sleeping in a pod in Castle Oblivion and complained that he was taking a nap instead of taking care of Kairi as he instructed him to.

About one year later, Kairi was kidnapped by Organization XIII. Naminé helped her escape but eventually handed her over to Riku. She pulled his hood down and saw his altered appearance as Xehanort's heartless. When Sora was reunited with them, Riku tried to leave but Kairi grabbed his hand and showed Sora that he is indeed Riku. After defeating Xemnas, Riku returned home along with Sora and was happily greeted by Kairi.


Riku is a very popular Kingdom Hearts character if not the most popular. A lot of fan girls find him to be attractive and fans in general find him to be awesome and cool. The most popular ship involving Riku is Soriku as many feel that Riku and Sora are more than just friends. When it comes to het ships, Rion and RiKai are the most popular. Many fans feel that Riku had an obvious crush on Kairi and other fans like to pair him with Xion so that he will have somebody.


  • Riku was chosen to inherit Terra's keyblade but it was passed on to Sora instead when Riku allowed the darkness to swallow him.