Are you sure you are not a Roman or an Amazon Annabeth?"
"I only do that to my boyfriend.
—Reyna to Annabeth, in The Mark of Athena

Reynabeth is the femslash ship between Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano and Annabeth Chase from The Heroes of Olympus fandom.


Reyna is from Camp Jupiter and is the daughter of the Roman goddess Bellona. Annabeth is from Camp Half-Blood and is the daughter of Athena. The two first met in The Mark of Athena. They have a mutual respect for each other and Reyna finds a confidant in a fellow warrior. The two of them work together in The House of Hades to bring the two camps together and heal the long-time rift between them.

The Mark of Athena

In this book, it is shown that Annabeth and Reyna seem to take a liking to each other. Even when the Romans think the Greeks have attacked Rome, Reyna respects Annabeth's courage.

The House of Hades

Reyna is shown to be supporting Annabeth when Rachel and Grover ask her to travel the Mare Nostrum and deliver the Athena Parthenos.


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