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RepliNami is a Het ship between Riku Replica and Naminé in the Kingdom Hearts series.


The Riku Replica was created by Vexen inside of Castle Oblivion and soon had his memories manipulated by Naminé. She was first forced to give him fake memories in order to make him believe that he is the real Riku. As she was changing Sora's memories and replacing herself with Kairi, Naminé also gave the Riku Replica fake memories of herself that were nearly identical to Sora's.

The Riku Replica confronted Sora on multiple occasions. They fought over Naminé and he kept trying to convince Sora to turn back. The Riku Replica had memories of the reason that she left the islands and inferred that it was because of Sora. He also recalled a moment when he and Naminé watched some shooting stars together and promised that he would protect her no matter what. The Riku Replica eventually received a copy of the good luck charm and insisted that Sora's memories of her were fake.

The Riku Replica continued to try and protect Naminé and push away Sora as he saw him as a threat. As he was attacking Sora, Naminé shattered his memories which caused him to collapse. However, the Riku Replica still somehow remembered his oath to Naminé despite having his memories shattered and helped protect her while Sora fought Marluxia. After the final battle, Sora asked about having his memories returned to normal but Naminé reluctantly admitted that she could not.


RepliNami has a decent amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is commonly shipped along with SoKai as it allows both Sora and the Riku Replica to have love interests. Some fans would prefer to pair the real Riku or Roxas with Naminé but RepliNami still has its fans. Since the both of them were born in Castle Oblivion and were never supposed to exist, many fans feel that the two have a lot in common.