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Ravilda is a Het ship between Ravio and Hilda in The Legend of Zelda series.


Ravio has long been a loyal servant of Princess Hilda. However, when he learned that she was planning to steal Hyrule's Triforce and let that land be destroyed in order to save Lorule, he secretly betrayed her as he believed that it was not beneficial for either world and that their ancestors would be against such an act. Ravio then travels to Hyrule and helps Link in his adventure while secretly hoping that he can stop Hilda's plot.

Link later goes to Lorule and defeats Yuga but not before learning that she wants to steal their Triforce. Even after defeating Yuga, she is still insistent on stealing the rest of the Triforce from him and Zelda. Ravio then arrives to break up the fight. Hilda is angry at him for leaving her side but he manages to convince to not steal the Triforce. The two watch as Link and Zelda return to Hyrule while Lorule approaches its impending doom. However, Link and Zelda use Hyrule's Triforce to restore Lorule's. Ravio and Hilda then smile in relief as their world is saved.


Ravilda is a rather popular Zelda ship. Since Ravio and Hilda and the Lorule counterparts of Link and Zelda respectively, this is ship is often seen as a parallel to Zelink. Even though Ravio initially turned on Hilda, he mostly just left her side and did so passively by putting Link up to the task. He also makes it very clear that he was actually trying to help Hilda, especially in his journal. Most fans find that Ravio's dedication to Hilda is very clear.


  • Ravilda can be seen as the obvious Lorule counterpart of Zelink.
  • In hero mode only, Ravio's journal can be found. He states his determination to save Hilda and feels that she is being used by Yuga. Ravio even accepts the idea of never seeing her again as long as she is saved.