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Raava is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is the spirit of light and order who eventually permanently combined with Wan to become the spirit of the Avatar.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships

Raava is not known to have any canon relationships in the series. She is permanently combined with the Avatar which makes any relationship seem unlikely.


Raava is a rather popular character in the fandom. She was popular as soon as she was introduced since it was finally revealed how the Avatar cycle works. In works of fanon, Raava is commonly shipped with Wan. A lot of fans like to portray her in a humanoid form in order to make her relationship seem more realistic. Some also ship her with Vaatu due to the fact that they represent yin and yang and cannot truly exist without each other.


  • Raava seems to represent the concept of yang although she is a female while yang is usually depicted as being masculine.
  • Some of the details on Raava's pattern disappear as she shrinks and weakens.

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