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Ra Min is a Het ship between Roku and Ta Min in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Roku and Ta Min were childhood crushes. Roku was always a klutz around Ta Min and was too afraid to speak to her. Sozin tried to encourage him to talk to her but he found himself unable to. Ta Min later attended Roku and Sozin's shared birthday party and was seen blushing at Roku. She witnesses the sages arrive and announce that Roku was the Avatar. Roku left for over twelve years to master the other elements but eventually returned. He was persistent and eventually married Ta Min. At some point, they had a daughter named Rina. They later lived in a house on a volcanic island. Ta Min and the others escaped while Roku stayed behind to try and protect the island. Sozin arrived to help but eventually left Roku to die as Ta Min watched in fear.


Ra Min is a rather popular ship in the Avatar fandom. Many fans enjoyed seeing Roku's past and how he also had trouble getting a girl to like him. A lot of fans were also happy to find out that Roku was Zuko's great-grandfather. Some shipped Roku with Sozin and would have rather seen them together but the fact that he left Roku to die influenced others to ship the canon Ra Min instead. Ra Min most commonly rivals the Rozin ship.



Rina is the daughter of Roku and Ta Min. She eventually moved to the town of Hira'a on the outskirts of the Fire Nation. There she eventually married Jinzuk who was the magistrate. Together they had a daughter named Ursa. They lived a happy life until Prince Ozai arrived to propose to Ursa. They married and after the wedding, Rina was never allowed to see Ursa again. She and Jinzuk eventually passed away before Ursa was finally able to return to Hira'a.


  • It was not always certain if it was Jinzuk or Rina who was the child of Roku and Ta Min.