Pencette is a Het ship between Pence and Olette in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Pence and Olette have been good friends for a long time. They often hang out with their other friend Hayner in Twilight Town at both their usual spot and on top of the station tower. Pence and Olette especially enjoy eating sea-salt ice cream. In the real Twilight Town, they helped teach Roxas how to play grandstander. In the simulated Twilight Town, they both went shopping together.


Pencette is not a very popular ship compared to other ships involving Olette in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. However, it still has its popularity. A lot fans have speculated that there might be something romantic between Pence and Olette. This is especially the case when the two are seen shopping together, though this only occurs in the simulated version of Twilight Town. Pencette usually rivals Haynette and Roxette.


  • Pence and Olette apparently went shopping together but this was only seen in the simulated Twilight Town.

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