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Pence is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a teenager from Twilight Town who is best friends with Hayner and Olette.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships

Hayner and Olette

Pence is best friends with Hayner and Olette. Together, they make an inseparable trio that always seems to be hanging out together. Pence and his two friends hang out in the "usual spot" which is their own special hideout in the back of an alley. They also enjoy eating sea-salt ice cream together. The group has a rivalry with Seifer and his gang but Pence is not much of a fighter so he prefers to cheer everybody with in the background and take pictures. Pence has also been seen shopping with Olette before.


Pence is not a largely popular character in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. However, he is one of few original characters in the series who is not a keyblade wielder or a villain so he does get some attention for that. Still, he does not get as much attention as Hayner or Olette. Pence's outfit is what gets him the most attention. He is not commonly shipped with other characters but is usually shipped with Olette when he is.


  • Pence's "dog street" outfit is a reference to another Square Enix game known as The Bouncer.

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