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Pemlin is a Femslash ship between Lin Beifong and Pema in The Legend of Korra series.


Lin and Pema started out as love rivals. Lin was dating a man named Tenzin whom Pema eventually fell in love with. As Tenzin and Lin were growing apart due to having different goals in life, Pema took advantage of this and confessed her love to Tenzin. Tenzin then broke up with Lin so that he could date Pema. Lin was greatly heartbroken by this and even attempted to imprison Pema as a result of this.

At some point, Pema married Tenzin and had four different children with him while Lin remained single. She still harbored ill feelings toward Tenzin and Pema as a result of her past heartbreak. Eventually, the Equalists attacked Republic City and Lin was tasked with protecting Pema and her children at Air Temple Island. Pema initially glared at Lin for being there and had her give Meelo a bath which irritated her. Eventually, Pema went into labor and Lin was concerned for her. She held off the Equalists while she gave birth. Later, Lin left with Pema and her family to escape but eventually turned around and sacrificed her bending to hold off the Equalists.


Pemlin is a somewhat popular ship among the Legend of Korra fandom. Some ship them together as a means of quelling the feud between them. Pema and Lin did not get along well due to the love triangle involving them and Tenzin but this does not stop the fans from shipping them together. It especially gained popularity after Lin protected Pema during the Equalist attack and sacrificed her bending in order to keep their family safe.