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Pema is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is an Air Acolyte as well as the wife of Tenzin and mother of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan.


Het Ships

Femslash Ships

  • Pemlin - Pema and Lin Beifong

Canon Relationships


Pema fell in love with Tenzin at some point after she got to know to him through being an Air Acolyte. Tenzin was dating Lin Beifong but the two were beginning to grow apart. Pema could not stand to see Tenzin with the wrong person any longer and confessed her love to Tenzin. Afterwards, he broke up with Lin so that he could be with Pema. The two eventually got married and had four children. The two were very supportive of each other and Pema was always there to help Tenzin. She gave him advice with dealing with Korra and the new airbenders and stayed behind to help him when Republic City was being evacuated.


Fans started to ship Pema with Tenzin as soon was she was revealed as Tenzin's wife and the mother of his children. Many fans decided to speculate her ancestry and some even wrote fanon about her being the daughter of Haru and Ty Lee. Some also used her speculated ancestry to write fanon about Rohan being a bender of an element besides air. Many fans speculated that Pema might be an Equalist due to the fact that she wanted a non-bender child but this turned out to be false.



Jinora is the first daughter and eldest child of Tenzin and Pema. She is an airbender and is very prodigious. Jinora is very studious and loves to read books. She is also very spiritually inclined and was able to help Korra into the Spirit World when was eleven years old. Jinora learned a special airbending technique that allows her to project her spirit and was able to help Korra get Raava back from Vaatu. As she was maturing, Jinora was beginning to find boys to be interesting and ended up dating a boy named Kai. She also became an airbending master at age eleven, making her the youngest airbender to receive her tattoos.


Ikki is the second daughter of Tenzin and Pema. She is also an airbender. Ikki is more of a motor mouth and tends to be hyperactive. Being the middle child, she often has trouble getting along with her siblings and often feels left out. Ikki also likes to ask questions to everybody she meets and tell others what to do. Ikki eventually matured and was the one who helped Jinora and Meelo find Korra.


Meelo is the first son and third child of Tenzin and Pema. He is an airbender like his two older sisters. Meelo is also hyperactive and a bit of a troublemaker. He liked to bite his father's head and often mimicked others. Meelo has a fascination for flying lemurs and eventually caught one of his own and named him Poki. He also likes to airbend his own flatulence. Meelo has a thing for girls and once hit on Asami Sato and a flower girl named Tuyen.


Rohan is the second son and youngest child of Tenzin and Pema. He was born during the Equalist attack on Republic City. It is unknown what bending ability Rohan has or is he is even a bender at all. Pema hoped that he would be a non-bender but Katara predicted that he would be another airbender. It has yet to be seen if Katara was correct about Rohan. Not much is known about him and he is never seen speaking. When he was four years old, he was seen running around with juice on his face until Pema caught up to him and grabbed him.


  • Pema has a Tibetan name despite the fact that she was not born among the Air Nomads.

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