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Peatrink is a Het ship between Link and Peatrice in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link can get to know Peatrice if he uses the Item Check at the Bazaar in Skyloft as she is the proprietor of it. Peatrice was feeling lonely and rather unenthusiastic about her job. However, as Link comes to visit her more, she begins to fall for him. Peatrice eventually starts to tease him and thinks that he keeps coming in order to see her. She eventually invites Link over to her house and confesses to him. Link can either state that he feels the same way and get five gratitude crystals or reject her which disappoints her. Peatrice's attitude will change for the duration of the game depending on Link's response.


Peatrink has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom and is one of the more popular ships from Skyward Sword. While Zelink is considered to be semi-canon in this game, Peatrink is also shipped as an alternative. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a side quest involving Peatrice were a potential relationship can develop. While the two do not become an official couple, Peatrice will confess and the player can have Link say that he feels the same way. This caused the Peatrink ship to gain a lot of popularity.


  • If Link has Fi scan Peatrice after confessing to her, she will advise him not to tell Zelda about it.