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Pakku is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a waterbending master from the Northern Water Tribe who taught Aang and Katara. Pakku is also a member of the Order of the White Lotus.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


Pakku was arranged to marry Kanna when they were both teenagers. Even though the marriage was technically arranged, Pakku actually did love Kanna. He carved her a betrothal necklace as it was the tradition of their tribe. However, Kanna was fed up the sexist customs of their tribe and left for the Southern Water Tribe. Pakku was heartbroken and never married anybody else. He was reminded of this while dueling Katara and eventually agreed to train her when he remembered that sexist customs are what drove the love of his life away. Pakku eventually went to help rebuild the south and married Kanna.


Pakku is a rather popular Avatar character. Many fans disliked him at first because of his outright sexist attitude and his refusal to train Katara. However, he eventually came to his senses so most fans stopped hating him. A lot of fans love Pakku for his powerful waterbending abilities as he was the first waterbending master shown in the series. Most fans ship him with Kanna since they ended up together in the end.


  • Pakku is technically the first character to be seen in the series since he appears in the opening sequence.

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