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P'Li is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She was a firebender and combustionbender of the Red Lotus and was Zaheer's girlfriend until she was killed by Suyin.


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P'Li met Zaheer when he saved her from a warlord. She was being used as a weapon by a warlord because of her combustion ability. P'Li was very thankful for this and she and Zaheer eventually fell in love and started to date. They also joined the Red Lotus at some point. P'Li and Zaheer were eventually involved in an attempt to capture Korra and were captured as a result. They were imprisoned separately for thirteen years. P'Li was not sure if she would ever get to see Zaheer again.

Over thirteen years later, Zuko, Tonraq, Desna and Eska arrived to guard P'Li's cell. She realized that this meant that Zaheer had escaped and commented that she was already feeling warmer. Zaheer succeeded in rescuing her. They immediately started to make out in the car. P'Li worked with Zaheer on multiple attempts to capture Korra. After capturing the Air Nomads, they shared a tender moment and had a heart-to-heart conversation. P'Li and Zaheer fought side-by-side but P'Li was killed by Suyin.


Being a member of the Red Lotus, P'Li is a popular Legend of Korra character because the members of the Red Lotus are regarded as the best villains of the show. Many fans were excited to see another combustionbender as only one had been seen before and it was in the first series. P'Li did not have many lines which some fans found to be disappointing. Most fans ship her with her boyfriend Zaheer but some also ship her with others such as Ming-Hua.


  • P'Li seemed to be Zaheer's only "earthly tether" as he was able to unlock his ability to fly after her death.

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