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Ozai is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is father of Zuko and Azula and the former husband of Ursa. Ozai is also the former Fire Lord and Phoenix King until he was defeated by Avatar Aang. He was also a firebending until Aang took away his bending.


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Ozai married Ursa through an arranged marriage. He wanted to marry her because she was the descendant of Avatar Roku but she did not really want to marry him. Ursa still married him anyway because she felt like she had no other choice. They eventually had two children named Zuko and Azula. Ozai and Ursa did not get along while they were married. Ursa kept trying to contact her childhood love Ikem so Ozai sent an assassin after him. They also argued about that Ozai was treating Zuko. Azulon eventually ordered Ozai to kill Zuko so Ursa helped him assassinate his own father. Afterwards, Ozai exiled Ursa and threatened to harm their children if she ever returned.


Ozai is one of the most hated characters in the Avatar fandom due to the fact that he burned Zuko's face and banished him. A lot of fans were also upset when they saw the way that he treated Ursa. Still, Ozai does have some fans because many find him to be a "bad-ass" villain. Most fans found him to be more intimidating before his face was clearly shown. Most fans shipped him with Ursa as it was originally believed that they actually did love each other at one point. Others ship him with Zhao because they find the pairing to be amusing and feel that they do not deserve anybody else but each other.



Zuko is the son and first child of Ozai and Ursa. He is a firebender who can redirect lightning and became the Fire Lord following the end of the war. Zuko was scarred by Ozai at a young age for speaking out in the war room and refusing to fight his father in Agni Kai. He was banished for three years and was forced to search for the Avatar. Zuko was permitted to return to the Fire Nation for a while but eventually joined Team Avatar and taught Aang firebending. He remained the Fire Lord for over sixty years and eventually had a daughter named Izumi.


Azula is the daughter and second child of Ozai and Ursa. She is a firebending prodigy who can bend blue fire and generate lightning. She became the crowned princess of the Fire Nation after Zuko's banishment and was eventually appointed to be the Fire Lord but was overthrown by Zuko at her coronation. She went insane and was sent to a mental institution for over a year until Zuko released her so that she could help him find their mom. Azula helped with the search but eventually ran away. It is unknown what became of her.


  • Ozai's face was not shown for the first two seasons of the series.

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