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Opal is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She became an airbender following Harmonic Convergence and is the current girlfriend of Bolin. Opal is also the daughter of Bataar and Suyin Beifong and the granddaughter of Toph Beifong.


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Opal first met Bolin when he came to visit Zaofu along with Korra. Opal immediately had a crush on Bolin and was even a little nervous around him. Bolin eventually came up to Opal after she was practicing airbending with Korra and flirted with her but Opal was freaked out because he was not acting like himself. Bolin quickly apologized and Opal told him to just be himself. Opal later encouraged Bolin to try and learn metalbending from her mother Suyin.

Opal eventually left Zaofu to join the new Air Nation at the Northern Air Temple. Bolin was sad and told her that he would miss her but Opal assured him that they would see each other again. At some point, the Red Lotus attacked the Northern Air Temple and Opal was captured and imprisoned. Bolin and the others eventually arrived to save them and Bolin gave her a hug. After Korra was saved from near death, Bolin shoved a sock in Zaheer's mouth and Opal smiled at his joke. The two began dating at some point over the next three years.

Three years later, Opal and Bolin began to drift apart due to political issues. Bolin joined the Earth Empire and started to work for Kuvira while Opal knew the truth about her controlling motives. The situation only became worse when Opal's family was imprisoned by the Earth Empire. Bolin eventually saw the truth and turned on Kuvira, but Opal would not forgive him so easily. She had Bolin join her and her Aunt Lin in saving their family. The mission was a success and Opal forgave Bolin. The two later danced together at Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding.


Despite not being introduced until Book Three, her name was revealed before Book Two because her voice actress' role was posted online. Some thought that Opal was going to be Korra's female cousin but her name turned out to be Eska instead. Opal instead ended up being a grandchild of Toph and one of the new airbenders.

Opal was quickly revealed to be Bolin's new love interest. Many fans initially held mixed feelings about this because Bolin had recently dated Eska and many had hoped that they would eventually get back together. However, the ship quickly grew on most fans and Bopal is now one of the most popular ships.

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