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On Jide is the het ship between Hide and On Ji from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Hide and On Ji were students at the same school. Hide seemed to have a romantic interest in On Ji. When Aang enrolled in the school as a boy named Kuzon, Hide was angry and jealous when he caught him talking to On Ji. He threatened Aang and grabbed On Ji while claiming that she was his girlfriend. Hide did not want Aang to show her anything without his permission. On Ji pouted when he grabbed her but did not deny them being in a relationship. Later, On Ji was at a big dance party with Aang and all of the other classmates while Hide ratted all of them out to the headmaster.


On Jide is not a very popular Avatar ship. It is mostly shipped by those who ship Kataang, Taang, or any other Aang ships and want On Ji to be paired with somebody else as it would solve the issue of On Ji not being paired with anybody. Since On Ji never denied being in a relationship with Hide, many fans thought that they actually were in a relationship. On Jide most commonly rivals the On Jaang ship.



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  • It is unknown if Hide and On Ji were actually a couple or if Hide was just claiming to be On Ji's boyfriend.