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On Ji is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is a Fire Nation school student who hopes to study at a good university in the capital city someday.


  • On Jaang - On Ji and Aang
  • On Jide- On Ji and Hide
  • Shonji - On Ji and Shoji

Canon Relationships


Hide claimed that he was dating On Ji, though her actions did not make it clear if she actually considered herself to be his girlfriend. Hide was jealous when he saw her talking to Aang who was disguised as Kuzon and offering to teach her how to dance. He threatened Aang while claiming that On Ji was his girlfriend while putting his arm around her. On Ji pouted a little but did not confirm or deny her relationship with Hide.


On Ji seemed to have a crush on Aang while was attending the school in disguise. She saw Momo poking his head out of Aang's shirt and approached him while warning him not to get caught. Aang was nervous but On Ji was friendly and assured him that she would not tattle on him. She then told Aang that he really liked the dancing that he showed off in music class despite the fact that the behavior was considered to be delinquent in the Fire Nation. On Ji later attended a secret dance party and was the first to dance when Aang was trying to get everybody to dance. Hide eventually ratted them out so On Ji and all of the other classmates helped create a diversion while Aang escaped from the cave.


While On Ji is not one of the popular minor characters in the Avatar fandom, she can be pretty common in shipping practices. A lot of fans like to pair her with Aang because they like the pairing and it works with others such as Zutara and Tokka. Some who ship Kataang like to pair On Ji with others such as Hide or Shoji because they do not want to see On Ji be alone for the rest of her life. However, some find Hide to be a jerk and are not sure if he was really her boyfriend. Others pair her with Shoji because they seem to get along but others speculated that Shoji might be On Ji's brother or cousin.


  • On Ji's name is based on the name Angie.
  • On Ji's hairstyle is similar to that of Chihiro from Spirited Away.