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Olette is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is a resident of Twilight Town who often hangs out with Hayner and Pence.


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Hayner and Pence

Olette is best friends with Pence and Olette and is almost always hanging out with them. They have a 'usual spot' a the end of an alley where they normally hang out and also enjoy watching the sunset on top of the station tower. Olette often buys sea-salt ice cream for the group to eat together. She often has to be serious and keep them on track at certain points such as when they needed to get their homework done.


The real Olette has not spent that much time with Roxas but they have met. Olette taught him how to play a grand-stander game along with Hayner and Pence. A virtual Olette was also created based on the real one in a simulated Twilight Town that was made for Roxas to stay in. This Olette was as close to Roxas as she is to Hayner and Pence and would cheer him on in situations such as the struggle tournament.


Kairi met Olette, Hayner and Pence when she and Pluto came to Twilight Town in search of Sora. Olette and Kairi seemed to get along especially well, sitting on the same couch and laughing together, with Olette remarking that Kairi's story was a "romantic" one. When Hayner, Pence and Olette see Sora, Donald, Goofy and Mickey off into the simulated Twilight Town in order to reach the World That Never Was, Olette remarks "Say hi to Kairi for us!"


Despite being one of the original characters in Kingdom Hearts, Olette is not as popular as many other characters. This is most likely because of the fact that she is not a keyblade wielder or a member of Organization XIII. However, she is slightly popular when it comes to shipping. Olette is most often shipped with Roxas, Hayner, Kairi, or occasionally Pence.


  • Olette is often portrayed as the "serious one" of the group and is the one who keeps Hayner and Pence on track.

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