NozoEli is a Femslash ship between Nozomi Toujo and Eli Ayase in the Love Live! series.


Both Eli and Nozomi are president and vice president respectively. They both depend on each other. They usually eat parfaits after school. Eli is Nozomi's first friend. Nozomi is very supportive for Eli. In the game's story, Nozomi mentions she would give chocolates to who she loved. In her side story, she talks about giving chocolates to Eli. In the game, Nozomi said "If we were a family, Eli-cchi would be dad, and I would be mom." Eli supports Nozomi, just like Nozomi supports Eli.


  • Their voice actors ship them.
  • They became very popular during the anime.
  • Kotori Minami thinks Nozomi loves Eli, but she can't say it.


  • They have a duet called Garasu no Hanazono.
  • They have 2 UR pairs in the game, Love Live! school idol festival.
  • They've dressed in traditional Japanese marriage clothes in a magazine.
  • They've played Romeo an
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    d Juliet in a school play. (Nozomi is Juliet, Eli is Romeo). And Eli kissed Nozomi's forehead. They blushed a lot. This story is found in the manga and the game.
  • New Year Drama CD.
  • Mari Ohara is seen as Eli & Nozomi's daughter. If Mari was Eli & Nozomi's real daughter, she would have inherited their blue or green eyes.