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Nayrink is a Het ship between Link and Nayru in The Legend of Zelda series.


Oracle of Ages

Link first meets Nayru after he arrives in Labrynna. Veran possesses Impa and tricks him into leading her to him. Nayru seems to admire Link and sings for him but Veran possessed her and runs off into the past. He later manages to fight Veran out of her so she possesses Queen Ambi instead. Nayru learns that Link has the Harp of Ages so she teaches him the Tune of Ages which allows him to travel through time at will. She then trusts Link with saving all of Labrynna and he succeeds.

Minish Cap

Link can meet Nayru in the Happy Hearth Inn along with Din and Farore. Nayru will have traveled to Hyrule from Labrynna and is looking for a place to stay. Depending on whom Link fuses Kinstones with, Gorman can put two houses up for sale and he can show Nayru to one. If he does so, she will be grateful and offer him a charm which increases his defense.


Nayrink has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It is not as popular as mainstream pairings such as Zelink and seems to rival Dinlink more commonly. Some fans take issue with the fact that Link lead Veran to possessing her, although he did so unintentionally and was tricked into doing so. Others also ship Nayru with Ralph instead because he is her childhood friend who is sworn to protect her and Link eventually leaves Labrynna.