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Nayralph is the het ship between Ralph and Nayru from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Ralph and Nayru have been close friends since their childhoods. Ralph also served as a bodyguard for Nayru and has always been very loyal and protective of her. When Link arrives in Labrynna, he assures him that he does not need help with protecting her. However, Veran then arrives and possesses Nayru, and Ralph threatens to cut her in half but stands down as he realizes that killing her would kill Nayru too. He then pursues her through an open time portal.

Ralph continues to wander through Labrynna in the past in hopes that he can find Veran and save Nayru. He later arrives to see Link saving Nayru from Veran who then possesses Queen Ambi. Afterwards, Ralph decides to keep chasing after Veran so that he can defeat her. He learns that Queen Ambi is his ancestor and that killing her would kill him too but he does not care. Link manages to defeat Veran, saving Queen Ambi and all of Labrynna. Ralph decides to train harder so that he can protect Nayru on his own.


Nayralph has a decent amount of following in the Zelda fandom. It does sometimes rival Nayrink as some fans speculate that Nayru liked Link instead of Ralph and point out that it was Link who was able to save her in the end. However, there are others to prefer to ship Nayru with Ralph because it works with other pairings such as Zelink and Dinlink. Many fans think that Ralph has an obvious crush on Nayru as he is very devoted to her.



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  • Ralph initially displays resentment towards Link. This rivalry can almost be seen as jealousy, suggesting that Ralph does have feelings for Nayru.