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Totally rather get shot than look like a Sears model.

Nate Heywood is a principal character on Legends of Tomorrow.



Namaya - the ship between Nate and Amaya Jiwe
Speedy Steel - The ship between Thea Queen and Nate
Steel Canary - the ship between Nate and Sara Lance
Steelwatch - the ship between Nate and Felicity Smoak
Supersteel - the ship between Kara Zor-El and Nate
Zate - the ship between Zari Tomaz and Nate


Citizen Arrow - the ship between Nate and Oliver Queen
Citizen Flash - the ship between Nate and Barry Allen
Kid Steel - the ship between Wally West and Nate
SteelAtom - the ship between Nate and Ray Palmer
Steel Hunter - the ship between Nate and Rip Hunter
Steel Vibe — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Nate
Steelwave — the ship between Nate and Mick Rory


Amaya Jiwe

Main article: Namaya

Nate and Amaya grew close due to their shared connection with the Justice Society of America. During a mission during the revolutionary war, Nate fell in a river and Amaya had to save him. While trying to get warm from the cold, the two end up sleeping together, but after the mission is over, Amaya thinks they should just stay teammates/friends. Amaya starts to fall for Nate and the two become an official couple. After defeating the Legion of Doom, Amaya returns to 1942 to fulfill her destiny, breaking up with Nate in the process. She returns to the Waverider, her presence upsetting Nate at first, but the two come to an understanding and remain amicable. They get back together again during a mission to save the band ABBA.


Ray Palmer

Main article: SteelAtom

Mick Rory

Main article: Steelwave



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  • Mick's nickname for him is Pretty
  • When Gary was comparing the Legends to DnD, voice over indicated that his class would be a bard