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Naminé is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is the nobody of Kairi who has the ability to manipulate the memories of Sora and those connected to him.



AkuNami - the ship between Naminé and Axel
MaruMine - the ship between Naminé and Marluxia
RepliNami - the ship between Naminé and Riku Replica
RikuNami - the ship between Naminé and Riku
RokuNami - the ship between Naminé and Roxas
SoNami - the ship between Naminé and Sora


KaiNami - the ship between Naminé and Kairi
NamiShi - the ship between Naminé and Xion



Main article: SoNami

Naminé always possessed the ability to control Sora's memories and in turn, the memories of those connected to him. She was captured by Organization XIII and was forced to insert herself into his memories so that he would come and rescue her. Naminé was also slightly jealous of Kairi and eventually replaced Sora's memories of her. However, Naminé began to feel bad when Sora was determined to save her and told him the truth. She then restored Sora's memories back to normal although the process took a long amount of time.


Main article: RokuNami

Naminé knew about Roxas for a while she was working on restoring Sora's memories. She realized that Sora would not be able to wake up until they merged. Naminé showed up to see Roxas in the simulated Twilight Town because she wanted to meet him. He kept asking her questions and Naminé wanted to answer them but DiZ and Riku kept interfering. Naminé eventually told Roxas that Sora needed him in order to wake up but assured him that he would become whole and that they would meet again. The two were later able to see each other through Sora and Kairi. Roxas and Naminé stated that they could always be together as long as Sora and Kairi were together.


Naminé is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts character. As soon as she was introduced, some fans began to ship her with Riku or the Riku Replica while others shipped her with Sora as an alternative to SoKai. However, when Kingdom Hearts II came out, it was heavily implied that there was romance between her and Roxas instead. However, there are some fans who would rather ship Roxas with Axel or Xion. This caused some to dislike Naminé, although not as widespread as the dislike toward Kairi and Xion.


  • Although Naminé is Kairi's nobody, she was actually created when Sora released his own heart along with Kairi's and not when Kairi lost her heart.