NamiShi is a Femslash ship between Naminé and Xion in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Naminé learned of Xion while she was trying to restore Sora's memories. She was having trouble as somebody was halting the process so Riku and DiZ tried to help her. It turned out that Xion was the one hindering the process because Sora's memories were being leaked into her. Naminé stated that Xion would not survive if Sora's memories became hers. Xion briefly left Organization XIII and met Naminé. She revealed everything to Xion and told her that everybody would forget about her once she merged with Sora and Roxas. Xion decided that it was probably for the best and asked Naminé to take care of Roxas once that happened.


NamiShi has a small amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is not as popular as some other femslash ships or het ships involving Naminé or Xion. Fans of RokuNami and RokuShi tend to hate on the other character because they interfere with their ship. However, some like the idea of pairing them together to stop the hate. Some also cite the fact that the two talked and Xion trusted Naminé with taking care of Roxas.


  • NamiShi can be seen as another form of SoKai or RokuNami due to the fact that Xion is a clone of Sora's nobody and Naminé is Kairi's nobody.