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Nabooru is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. She is a Gerudo and is the Sage of Spirit.


Canon Relationships


Nabooru first meets Link as a child while he is in the Spirit Temple. He tells her that he has nothing to do so she ask him to retrieve the Silver Gauntlets for her. Nabooru promises "something good" in exchange for him doing so. However, she is captured by Twinrova before Link can keep his promise. Seven years later, he comes back as an adult and manages to save her. Nabooru awakens as the Sage of Spirit and aids Link against Ganondorf. She wishes that she could have kept her previous promise if she knew that he would grow up to be such a handsome man.


Nabooru only appears in one game with the exception of a cameo yet she still has a decent amount of popularity among Zelda fans. Many are fans of her rebellious and flirtatious personality as well as the fact that a former thief ended up being a sage. Fans also like to speculate what Nabooru's promise to Link was. Some believe that it is a kiss, an arranged marriage, or even a sexual favor. However, others believe that it was something simple such as treasure.


  • There is another Iron Knuckle in game that has Nabooru's model. In fact, he face can be seen inside of it.

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