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Moeggie is a Het ship between Moe and Maggie in The Legend of Zelda series.


Maggie was captured by the Helmaroc King and imprisoned in the Forsaken Fortress. While trapped inside of a prison cell, she met one of the Moblin guards named Moe. He seemed to be very fond of her and gave her a lot of Skull Necklaces. Maggie was eventually saved along with the other prisoners by Link and the pirates. She returned to Windfall Island and became rich overnight due to the Skull Necklaces that Moe gave her.

Maggie continued to live her new rich life on Windfall Island but was unhappy because she missed Moe and her now protective father made it difficult for her to contact him. If Link visits her, she will tell him about Moe and ask him to send a letter to him. If he does so, Moe will eventually respond to Maggie. He will send her a letter telling her that he likes her so much that he could eat her up. Maggie interprets this as a marriage proposal and tells Link that she is going to move in with him at the Forsaken Fortress. However, the next day, she will reveal that she changed her mind because she does not want to leave her father behind.


Moeggie is a pairing that is often overlooked but is still popular at least among the fans of Wind Waker. Some fans find it to be odd that there is an attraction between a Hylian and a Moblin but many others find this to be hilarious. There are fans who point out the similarity to Stockholm Syndrome but some speculate that Moe just worked as a guard who had nothing to do with Maggie's capture and could not really do anything to save her. Many fans find this pairing to be amusing and ship it because it is semi-canon.


  • In the Minish Cap, one of the top selling books listed in the library is titled "In Love with a Moblin" which is an obvious reference to Maggie's crush on Moe in the Wind Waker.
  • The manner in which Maggie fell in love with Moe while imprisoned can seen as similar to Stockholm Syndrome.