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Ming'Li is a Femslash ship between Ming-Hua and P'Li in The Legend of Korra series.


It is unknown how Ming-Hua and P'Li first met, but they were both in the Red Lotus together. They were a part of a group of four of the most prominent members. At some point, both were involved in an attempt to capture Avatar Korra. However, the plan failed and both were captured and imprisoned in separate prisons for thirteen years. Eventually, Zaheer and Ghazan escaped and busted Ming-Hua out of her prison. The two then headed to the North Pole so that they could rescue P'Li.

Ming-Hua was the one who busted P'Li out of her cell. P'Li was excited to see her and Ming-Hua told her that they were getting her out of there. Ming-Hua scaled a wall with P'Li on her back and the latter pointed out that they just could have taken an elevator before calling her a show-off. The two fought side-by-side while they escaped along with Zaheer and Ghazan. They both worked together on multiple attempts to capture Korra and kill the Earth Queen, the latter of which was successful. Eventually, P'Li was killed at Laghima's Peak. Ming-Hua asked Zaheer where she was and he revealed that P'Li had sacrificed her life for their cause.


Ming'Li is somewhat of a popular ship among the Legend of Korra fandom, particularly among femslash fans. While P'Li was dating Zaheer, some fans thought that she would also be a good match for Ming-Hua. A lot of fans liked the way that the two worked together while escaping from prison and some noticed the fact that Ming-Hua was the one to ask what happened to P'Li. Since they both died at the end of Book Three: Change, some believe that they could be together in the next life or the afterlife.