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Ming-Hua is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She was an armless waterbender of the Red Lotus until she was killed by Mako.


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Canon Relationships

Ming-Hua does not have any known canon relationships in the series. However, there is a chance that she was romantically involved with Ghazan. Bolin made up a romance between the two as one of three stories and Ghazan stated that two of them were correct. When Ghazan helped Zaheer break her out of prison, Ming-Hua jokingly stated that she never expected to see Ghazan's "ugly mug" again.


Being a member of the Red Lotus, Ming-Hua is a popular character as many fans regard the Red Lotus members as the best villains of the series. She was voiced by the same voice actress as Azula which excited many fans. Many fans also found her armless waterbending to be unique and cool. A lot of fans shipped her with Ghazan as a means of giving the Red Lotus members a love interest. Popularity for this ship increased after Bolin teased the possibility of a romance between them.


  • Ming-Hua was originally planned to be a bloodbender but the creators decided that there had already been too many bloodbenders in the first season.
  • For a while, it was not known exactly how Ming-Hua lost her arms and many fans mistakenly believed that the White Lotus amputated her arms in order to cripple her bending abilities. It was later revealed that her loss of arms was the result of a birth defect.

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