Minecraft Diaries is a series created by the youtuber "Aphmau". While little known, (expect for her 1,000,000+ subscribers) it still is a topic I thought should be covered on this wiki, so I wrote it. Some of the main ships for the series (that are not cannon, or not yet, at least) are:

  • Garmau (Garroth X Aphmau)
  • Laurmau (Laurence X Aphmau)
  • Aarmau (Aaron X Aphmau)
  • Zanmau (Zane X Aphmau)
  • Laurroth (Laurence X Garroth

Now Let's go deeper into the ships...


A ship that arose sometime around when the series first started, the first ship in the series. Aphmau, the main character, and garroth, her shy head guard, are the two people who are "shipped" in this pairing. Some moments for this ship can be found spread out through the series. Personally, This is my favorite.


A ship beginning later in the series, but not while still staying back in early season one. The shippers for this series, along with the garmau shippers, have been in fierce competition ever since this ship was introduced. This ship has also has multiple "moments" throughout the series. This ship pairs Laurance, the second in command "casanova" and Aphmau together, and is one of the more popular ships in the series, along with Garmau (thus why they are in fierce competition).


A ship introduced introduced in late season one, which gained popularity in season 2. Many argue that this ship has had many moments, however, I see one to two, if any. Please feel free to bring this to my attention, or edit if you find any evidence that supports otherwise. This ship pairs Aaron (Also known as the stranger or, "mister") and Aphmau together. While I do not see many romantic moments, I can see why people do ship this. Aaron has helped Aphmau through many difficult times, when nobody else was there for her.


A villan X hero ship, arguably why it has gained so much popularity. This ship was introduced about a bit over halfway through season one. This ship, in this series, I can guarantee has NO moments WHATSOEVER, and personally, I think this ship would fair much better in a different series aphmau has created, such as mystreet. This ship pairs Aphmau and Zane, the villain, together.


I have not met many Laurroth shippers in my time ranting on mcd related websites, but I know that they are out there, somewhere. This ship has not had any moments, unless you count that one kiss from mystreet, but since this wiki page is dedicated to Mincecraft diaries, that does not apply here. This ship pairs Garroth and Laurence together.

Feel free to edit and add ships to your hearts content. Until then, bye! I have to finish my homework...


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