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Midna is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. She is a Twili who guides Link in Twilight Princess and turns out to be the princess of her race. Midna also appears in the spin-off Hyrule Warriors.


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Midna first encounters Link in his wolf form after he is captured and imprisoned in the Twilight Realm. She frees him from his prison and agrees to help him save Hyrule in exchange for him helping her retrieve the Fused Shadows. Midna insists that she does not care about Hyrule and is only cooperative in order to hold up her end of the deal but she slowly begins to change. When Zant tries to bring the twilight back to the Lanayru Province, she stands up to him and is nearly killed by the light.

Midna is saved by Zelda and continues to journey along with Link. She tells him about her people and how Zant turned on them and the hero agrees to help her. Midna accompanies to the Mirror of Twilight and they end up having to gather the shards. When the two approach their final battle against Ganondorf, Midna seemingly gives up her life to try and defeat him. However, she turns up alive after Link defeats and is in her true form. Midna sheds a single tear before permanently saying goodbye to Link since she shatters the Mirror of Twilight.


Midna and Zant are enemies even though they are both a part of the Twili race. Zant was used by Ganondorf and with his help, was able to usurp power from Midna and take over the Twilight Realm. She tries to obtain the Fused Shadows in order to defeat him but he later arrives and steals them from her. Zant tries to get Midna to join him but she refuses. Zant is later defeated by Link with the help of Midna to reach him.


Midna met and befriended Princess Zelda prior to the start of the game. The princess was watching over Hyrule after it was covered in twilight and Midna was slightly cocky and sarcastic to her. However, Midna actually respected her and never wished any harm to come to her. When she was nearly killed, Zelda transferred her soul into her in order to allow her to exist in the realm of light. Midna begged Link to stop her but to no avail. Hyrule Castle was then surrounded by a crystal of twilight which angered her. Midna later found Zelda possessed by Ganondorf and sacrificed herself in an attempt to beat the evil king, though she ended up being okay.


Midna is one of the most popular characters in the Zelda fandom. Despite the fact that she only appears in one canon game, the fans still adore her due to her personality and character development. An overwhelming number of fans ship Midna with Link in the Twilight Princess game. In fact, Midlink is one of the most popular ships in the Zelda fandom. A small number of fans ship her with Zant because it works with other Link pairings. Some femslash fans also ship her with Zelda.


  • Midna's name seems to be derived from the word midnight.