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MidZelda is a Femslash ship between Midna and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


It is unknown how or when Midna and Zelda met but they know each other prior to the start of the game. When Link is turned into a wolf, Midna takes him to meet Princess Zelda. She seems to mock and tease her a lot but also has respect for her and explains that she would never wish for any harm to come upon her. When Midna is almost killed by being exposed to the light, Zelda transfers her soul into her in order to save her and allow her to exist in the realm of light. She begs Link to stop her from doing so but it does not work.

When Link and Midna leave Hyrule Castle together, it is immediately surrounded by a crystal of twilight. Midna is angered by this and growls before moving on. After recovering the Fused Shadows, she manages to destroy the barrier around the castle. Midna later finds Princess Zelda to be possessed by Ganondorf. She is unable to attack her and uses the power of the Fused Shadows in an attempt to free her. Midna transfers the light back to Zelda but is then seemingly killed by Ganondorf. However, after the king of evil is defeated, she appears in her true form. Midna and Zelda say their final goodbyes before the former returns to the Twilight Realm and shatters the mirror permanently.


MidZelda has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom and is one of the most popular Femslash ships if not the most popular. A lot of fans like the fact that Princess Zelda gave up a part of herself in order to save Midna and allow her to exist in the realm of light. The fact that Midna tried to stop her from doing so also makes fans think that there is a mutual attraction between them. This is highlighted even further when Midna is unable to attack Zelda and touches her cheek.



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  • Zelda states that her and Midna's hearts were briefly one and the same.